Top 6 Compost bins for Your Healthy and Eco-Friendly Garden in 2022

Organic gardening is the most valuable gift one can give to the environment. When it comes to eco-friendly or climate-smart gardening, there is no alternative to Compost. That’s why the best compost bins are considered gold in a garden.

Composting is the best way to utilize garden and kitchen waste for healthy gardens as well as to add to climate and ecosystem.

How does Compost Form?

Composting is one of the simplest ways to turn yard waste into valuable soil. Many cities offer composting at local curbside collection points and even allow residents to start their small composters. Once the material is collected, it is taken to a central location where it is mixed with a nutrient-rich mix, then spread on a farm field to enrich the soil.

When u dump your kitchen and garden waste including fruit and vegetable peels, fallen leaves, snipped grasses, and other edible materials in a closed compost bin, it starts degenerations. Thanks to bacterial activity and heat in bins, all the organic matter breaks down to its simplest form and it becomes compost with time.

Compost is essentially food waste that is decomposed by soil microbes in the compost pile. Usually, the process breaks down organic matter into a substance called humus.

Humus is similar to mulch in its ability to retain moisture and reduce the need for irrigation. Compost is also used to fertilize plants in both the home garden and the community garden.

Uses of Compost

Usually, compost is used as organic fertilizer as well as organic mulch around the bushes and trees in a garden. It can also use as a fuel to burn for heating and cooking purposes; however, it is not a value-oriented use. Moreover, compost is full of nutrients and organic matter; hence, it is considered an ideal fertilizer.

It can also mix with topsoil to improve soil structure and water holding capacity. There are the following uses of compost.

1. Build beautiful landscaping

2. Enhance the soil with nutrients and other organic matter

3. Reduce run-off during heavy rains

4. Reduce erosion from construction activities

5. Create a bio-filter to prevent toxins from leaching into the groundwater

6. Prevent and reduce mosquito breeding.

7. Reduce odors from trash or sewage

8. Help plants thrive

9. Promote wildlife habitat

10. Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

How We Tested the Best Compost Bin?

A compost bin is a perfect place to recycle food waste, and the best type of bin to use is a compost bin with a lid. Why? Because the air exchange rate is high. The air exchange rate refers to how much air a bin can hold and still be able to compost. The higher the air exchange rate, the better the composting. To measure the air exchange rate of our test bins, we measured the oxygen level inside each bin. Moreover, the best performing bins had a 20% to 30% increase in oxygen.

How do compost bins work?

If you’ve ever used a compost bin, you’re familiar with the basics. A pile of vegetable scraps, some soil, a place to store it, and some moisture. That’s about it. Compost bins take advantage of three key components of the natural decomposition process.

They make it possible for materials to break down quickly, so they reduce odors; they give the soil some nutrients to help the process along, and they provide some insulation to keep the contents cool.

The materials in the compost bin can also be used in other ways. The soil use in landscaping. Moreover, the vegetable scraps  add to fertilizer or use in a garden, and the materials from the compost bin can  mix with wood chips to make a great mulch.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Compost Bin for Your Garden?

These are Numerous factors should consider when choosing a compost bin for your garden. Above all are the plot size and waste quantity because a compost bin should large enough to consume the available waste. Furthermore, it is the time factor, which consider. There are different compost bins available that speed up the composting process. While, if you’re planning to use compost after a year, any compost bin can be selected. Nowadays, plastic bins are widely used due to their convenient and space-efficient models. is trying its best to bring the most wanted and best-selling garden essentials from around the globe to our audience, to ease the process of shopping decisions for gardens. Followings are the most authentic and unbiased reviews on the top six best-selling compost bins for hobby and professional gardeners. So, please go through the list and its salient features to choose your ideal compost bin.

Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

This dual chamber compost tumbler is a super-efficient composting setup for small gardens as it completes the process within 4-6 weeks or even less in hot weather. Miracle-Gro is a hexagonal design with mixing bars inside and dual chambers for composting. It has a very superior inlet for oxygen or air and a rotatory axil which reduces the mess of digging the waste for mixing purposes.  Moreover, they also supply a pair of Scott Gardening gloves with a purchase of Miracle-Gro dual chamber compost tumbler.

Compost Bin by GEOBIN – 246 Gallon

A very easy to assemble and expandable compost bin at a very minimalistic price and design can help you obtain maximum compost for your garden. This compost bin can expand up to 4 feet or has a capacity of 246 gallons.

Miracle-Gro Small Composter

Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

SQUEEZE Master Large Compost Tumbler Bin 

Exaco ECO 2000 Kitchen Compost Pail

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