How To Use A Sod Cutter? 4 Best Sod Cutters

Gardening enthusiasts must know all about sod and sod cutters to maintain and make the best use of the tools. A carpet of grass that becomes a part of the earth laid on is called sod. People living in areas where seeds could be blown away can use it to get their lawn ready quickly. The sod can be folded, removed, and given to somebody else as well. A sod cutter hand tool is used to remove the previous sod before growing the new grass or to make pathways, flowerbeds, and clearing ground for installations. One can find sod cutter at an affordable rate on sale and also for rental at lowes.

However, sod cutting can be a difficult and time-consuming process. To simplify the job of preparing your lawn, here are some simple steps. Before you start your lawn project, you need to know how to operate the sod cutter.


How To Use A Sod Cutter?

1. Choose The Right Tool

There are many varieties of sod cutters, manual, motorized, or square shovels. You can purchase a sod cutter or rent one from a hardware store to handle this job.

2. Start By Mowing The Grass

Start by mowing the grass to a manageable height, so the cutter is easier to operate. The recommended height is 2.5 inches before cutting. This will give you the best results and avoid the hassle of rolling, sectioning, or replanting sod.

3. Mark Off The Area

It is important to mark off the area of your garden or patio before starting the task. You can do this by spraying chalk or marking flags. If you’re an expert gardener, you can make accurate thin cuts for marking as well. But, you need to remember that it’s easier to remove sod than it is to establish new sod, so make sure not to remove any sections of the lawn you wish to keep.

4. Water The Grass In Preparation For Sod Cutting

Water your yard a few hours prior so it is moist enough for easier cutting and to prevent blade slippage. However, make sure there is no standing water on the soil.

5. Cut In A Patternsod cutting pattern

Make sure to survey the area of sod and plan your pattern for sod cutting. You can cut rectangular sections for long, straight strips of sod or in straight lines to get the job done faster.

6. Follow Safety Guidelines

The devices usually come with operation guidelines from the manufacturer. You have to protect your eyes and ears, wear close-toed shoes, and take care of the blade’s position at all times. While operating, make sure that kids and pets are not around.

7. Perform A Test Cuttest cut sod area

Using your sod-cutter, test cut a 3-foot section of sod before removing the blade from the turf. Inspect this piece of sod to see if there is ¾–1 inch of dirt as part of the sod.

8. Check Sod Cutter’s Blade Height

The sod cutter’s manual will contain instructions on how to adjust the cutter’s blade height. The ideal blade cuts sod so that there is ¾–1 inch (2–2.5 cm) of soil included with the grass. This height is essential for the proper drainage of grass. Of course, poor drainage is undesirable.

9. Remove Grass With The Sod Cutter

It is recommended to cut the grass in strips with the sod cutter, this is essential for easy removal. Operate according to manufacturer’s instructions.

10. Roll The Sod For Removal And Replanting

Cut the sod into smaller sections with a knife so it can be transported easily to any place. Or else, sprinkle it with water and roll it for future replanting.

The Best Sod Cutter On The Market

Below are some of the best sod cutter available on the market, consider yourself lucky if you find them on sale. You can also consider the option of rental a sod cutter from lowes.

Radius Garden 22`011 Root Slayer Shovel

A square-edged sod cutter or shovel is the most basic tool, a manual sod cutter you can use if you have a small lawn and are aiming at its edges. You just need to put it at a particular angle and pull it up and out. Watering the lawn beforehand will make things easier for you. However, this is not suitable for big lawns and will cause you some trouble with leveling.

best manual sod cutter

Keyfit Tools Sod Knife Cutter

The serrated knife manual sod cutter is one of the best for manually cutting the sod. The 8” stainless steel blade perfectly cuts in sprinkler guards, turf, and landscape beds. This tool from Keyfit is great for cutting sod around overgrown sprinkler heads as well.

Corona ClassicCUT Grass Shear Sod Cutter

These classic shears, sod cutter hand tools could be the best tool to cut sod and turf that is a bit tough.

Their rugged construction enables you to easily cut through the grass like a scissor. Also, the steel alloy blades are easy to maintain, clean, and oil.

WORX Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

The tool has the advantage that it is not energy-sapping and does not need any special skills to operate either.

Just push the edger into the ground along the perimeter then, lift it up and press it back again into the surface immediately next to your first spot. Best for cutting a small strip of sod or improving your lawn garden.

Take Away

Hence, We hope the above sod cutter hand tool will make the job of sod cutting less tedious and time-consuming for you. Try to place the new sod within 48 hours of removing the previous one. You can also hire a professional sod cutter instead of doing the job on your own and also rent a sod cutter from lowes. Also, make sure to review the safety and operation manual for the sod cutter for sale you have chosen.


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