How to plant tulip bulbs?

Does anyone is aware of the measurement between two tulip bulbs? If not, you all will become aware of tulip bulbs separation measurement, how to buy, and care just right about reading the instructions given below.

How to Plant Tulip Bulbs?

Tulips are the kind of flowers that look most beautiful in a bulk amount. It depends on the color of the bulbs used, like the multi-colors in a group or individual color planted in size but one must know how far apart to plant tulip bulbs.

The bunch of blossoms is so fascinating, and you will be more joyful if you are living in a country or city where the winter comes for a long time. You will be more fascinated every new day by the ecstatic view of the warm-colored blossom.

They found fresher and better in the first year, but day by day their beauty vanished. It normally happens, because bulbs need cold, heat, autumn, and springtime also and these seasons don’t exist in most areas in different countries.

They are annual tulips and efficiently come again every year, but you must take care of them if you don’t want to revive the bulbs.

 If anyone wants to spend some time doing some enjoyable and creative, then find a little place in your garden and plant bulbs which give a fascinating view for years, in return for a little bit of effort

Untold Facts about Spacing the Tulips Bulbs

Keep following the steps,

Get to the Bottom of Where You are Going to Pile up the Tulips Bulbs

  • Try to cover 2 to 4sqf for group blossom, but it isn’t necessary.Species Tulips Bulbs
  • If your garden contains 2 to 3 or more patches, then you can plant bulbs of tulip annually easily
  • If you find blossom becoming ugly, it is an Alarming situation to plant the annual one
  • You may plant bulbs at the corner of perennial tulips
  • Spring is the season in which blossom is in sight properly, but the herbages become unattractive, and perennials obstruct it before the flower blooms.
  • This group of tulips is of perennial tulips, and they flourish cheerfully for many years

Buy Tulips Bulbs According to the Place which has Chosen to Plant Them

If you want to buy the best tulip bulbs for planting, visit the landscaping floriculture store and find rigid and immense bulbs. Don’t purchase pulpy or spoiled bulbs. Placed the purchased bulbs in a dry and chilly area until their sowing time comes. For the spring blossom, the best month is October for planting.

  • Plant 15 to 25 bulbs per square foot which gives a bulky look because they are much closer to each other
  • You may place them apart from each other                         
  • It depends on your choice, but when you put them closer, they will be eye-catching and plentiful
  • If you place them apart, then it will also give a beautiful view but not more than a bunch of blossoms

Season of planting tulip:

The success of tulip bulbs is mainly based on which type of bulb you want to grow. There are two broad types of tulip bulbs i.e., summer and spring. Here’s a complete detailed guide on when to plant tulip bulbs which is precisely curated for our garden enthusiastic audience. 

Furrow before Planting

  • Don’t forget that bent shape gives a natural look
  • The magnitude of soil glimpse when it emerges, it seems like you’ve done digging than gardening
  • But it is the most capable way to place them close to each other
  • The depth from the upper soil to the bottom of the bulb can be the measured
  • Spade the burrowed earth into the lawn cart to fill the furrow

Method of Trenching

Keep the following method in mind while furrowing,

  •  Burrow a furrow and place the burrowed soil in the pushcart for filling later
  • If you are planting multiple colors of tulip bulbs, then mix them in a bucket and plant them casually
  • Locate the bulbs 3 to 4” apart from each other
  • Filling the furrow, scrape flat and cram gently by strolling on the ground


  • Order the bulbs casually
  • Don’t place bulbs in accurate rows because it doesn’t give a natural look
  • Lastly, fill the trench and stroll on the soil, which helps to find the ground


How Far Apart to Plant Tulip Bulbs?

For an eye-catching view, plant the bulbs in an abundant amount. If you are using multiple varieties of bulbs in a bunch, then ten bulbs of each type should be present in a bunch.

The bulbs grow tiny in size then plant at least 50 or more than 50.

So here we are going to discuss the varieties of the bulb, the depths of different types of bulbs required while planting and how much give space between two bulbs.

                               BULBS           DEPTHS/Inches               PLACING/Inches
                                                                       Gingerbread onion    
Huge bulbs              6                 12-18
Tiny bulbs             3-5                   6-8
Quamash             4                  4
The glory of the ice             3-4                   3
Cyclamen             3–4                   3
                                                                            Checkered lily           
Crown imperial           6–8                12-18
Few more tiny blossom varieties            3-4                4
Ordinary snowdrop           3-4               3
Spanish bellflower           4             4-6
Hyacinth             6             6-8
Spring snow bunting           3-4              3-4
Grape hyacinth          3-4              3-4
                                                             Narcissus (Daffodils)    
Massive cupped             6-8             6-8
Other Tiny bulbs             3-5                4-6
Lined squill             3-4                 3
Siberian squill             3-4                 3
                                                                             Tulip Armenia    
Mixed-breed tulip             6-8              4-6
Herbal tulip             3-5                3-4

Species Tulips BulbsSpecies Tulips Bulbs

Bulbs can be planted superficially means the depth can be 4 to 5 inches (10 to 12.5 cm); medium-sized bulbs of the species tulip can be planted 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm).

The measurement of big bulbs of 2 inches/ 5 cm with width must plant 3 to 8” inches (7.5 to 20 cm) distant. The width of the tiny bulbs is 1 inch (2.5 cm), and must be planted with a gap of 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.5 cm).

Do you guys have any idea who has experience with tulips that critters (chipmunks) don’t love the taste of the bulbs of the tulip? Yes, that’s true, they don’t like bulbs, so you guys must take care of the tulips more than bulbs from squirrels and chipmunks; let’s discuss the ways to protect the tulip

How to Take Care of the Tulips?

  • Place bulbs like Narcissus, Alliums, hyacinth, etc. near the tulips because squirrels and critters hate the taste of bulbs, and these are not appetizing to them
  • They won’t come near tulips
  • Additionally, you may use stinking objects for protection, such as human urine and hen manure
  • Shelter the bulbs with the fine coating

The appearance is very important to attract someone, and when the tulips are found in an abundant quantity, the beauty increases multiple times. One must know Tulips are the kind of flowers that look most beautiful in a bulk amount, hence buy accordingly. It depends on the color of the bulbs used, like the multi-colors in a group or individual color planted in size but one must know how far apart to plant tulip bulbs. The colorful blossom in the cluster looks amazing, and this natural beauty spreads freshness to the environment. There are many varieties of tulip bulbs; if someone has complications choose the best one. Take advantage of this article; you can easily get guidance about types of bulbs and how to plant them, and also about depth.

Critters and squirrels are the animals who hate the bulbs of the tulip; just as mentioned above that place the bulbs surround the tulip to protect them.

So which colors of tulip bulbs are you going to purchase? Remember not to buy pulpy or spoiled tulip bulbs that will not give you any production of blossoms! Do creativity and make the environment as beautiful as you!

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