How to Harvest Oregano without Killing the Plant?

Oregano is an herb that has olive-green leaves and purple flowers. It is considered safe food that is very beneficial for health. Harvesting oregano without killing the plants is pretty simple but it takes a lot of care.  Make sure plants remain healthy at the time of harvesting. Always remove ½ the plant at one time. Leave at least one pair of leaves at the base of the plant during harvesting. Moreover, remove the stem from top-down. Keep reading the article to know about how to harvest oregano without killing the plant.

Oregano has olive-green leaves and purple flowers. oregano is closely related to other herbs, including thyme, marjoram, basil, and mint. In this article, we’ll discuss important questions related to harvesting the oregano plant.How to Harvest Oregano without Killing the Plant?

How to Harvest Oregano without Killing the Plant?

Oregano is a perennial plant that can grow year after year. The best way to cultivate oregano is to constantly trim or harvest them before flowering. This will help the oregano to grow well. Make sure the plant remains healthy at the time of harvesting. Do not remove ½ the plant at one time. Moreover, harvest the stem from top-down and leave at least a pair of leaves at the base of the stem.  Keep reading to learn how you can harvest your oregano without killing the plants throughout the season for a delicious addition to your recipe. 

When to harvest the oregano plant?

It is important to understand that the height of the oregano plant is an important factor in deciding the right time to pick your oregano leaves. Therefore, the plants can be harvested when the stems are at least four inches tall, but it is better at six inches. Always choose a warm morning to harvest oregano plants because the essential oils in the plant are the most concentrated at this time. Moreover, Do not cut back more than ⅓ of the plant to avoid over-harvesting.

Trim the oregano plant

When you end the cutting of the oregano plant, just trim it down to keep growing well. Prune until when two inches of plants remain in the soil. Especially when the plant is young, do not kill it up and enjoy oregano for many years. 

 Harvesting the leaves

When cutting the oregano, it’s heavily recommended only to cut the leaves off. Don’t cut the whole plant from the bottom unless necessary. The leaves are what you’ll later use for d

drying and cooking. Leave the stems behind.

Trim the oregano plant

Special care before harvesting 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to dry the oregano?

You can pass harvested oregano stems through the water. Submerge the stems for a few seconds in the water, so the dirtiness and dead leaves fall off. Natural drying is the best option to dry the oregano. In this method, bundle the stalks together and hang them in a kitchen or store. Make sure the dry spot does not get direct sunlight. This process should take 3 to 6 weeks to dry the oregano. When the oregano is ready, you should feel crisp on the leaves, They also start breaking into pieces.

How to store oregano leaves?

dry the oregano

You can store dry oregano leaves in a container, glass, jar, and tray. You can store oregano in a container for over 6 months with no problem with the taste or fragrance. Moreover, you choose a dark and dry place to store the oregano to prevent mold growth. 

Can fresh oregano best for consumption?

Fresh oregano is always going to taste better than its dried counterparts. If you want to taste the flavor of oregano, harvest it right before you want to use it. 

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