How to Grow Truffles Indoors?

Truffles are underground mushrooms in the kingdom of fungi. These are a fungus that grows in the woods like a mushroom that people absolutely cherish in some traditions. These could only be grown in some specific areas in the world, but some farmers have learned how to produce truffles even in the home. They build a connection with the roots of some fruit trees for growing.  Moreover,   trees provide sugar to the truffles and they give nutrients and water in return. Keep reading the article to learn about the growing of truffles indoors. 

Truffles know-how

1 Common Name Mushrooms, Truffles
2 Genus Tuber
3 Family Tuberaceae 
4 Types 4
5 Origin United Kingdom
6 use Food dishes

How to Grow Truffles Indoors?

It’s not easy to grow truffles indoors because they need a lot of care and attention. You can grow black truffles and white truffles indoors. You may need a truffles growing kit if you want to grow truffles indoors.  But before, you should know about truffles, and how to grow truffles in the garden. 

What is a Truffle?

As we said, truffles are fungus-like mushrooms that will grow on the base of trees. They obtained sugar from the trees and give them water and nutrients.  They have a taste once eaten and never forgotten. Therefore, truffles are very expensive to grow and used as delicious food. White truffles are very tasty as compared to black truffles. People pay $4000 for one pound of white truffles. You should want to know, what trees are able to produce truffles. Here are some specific trees that produce truffles.

  • PoplarTruffles
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Beach
  • Hazel
  • Hornbeam

How to Grow Truffles Outdoors?

You can grow truffles outdoors but this process takes a lot of time, money, and patience. You should grow at least 100 trees per acre in order to spread the fungi which produce truffles. Moreover,  they require a soil pH of at least 7.5 to 8.3. You will need a lot of lime to balance the soil pH every year. Dogs Searching Truffles OutdoorsMoreover, fertilizers and a lot of water will be required, because watering is one thing that causes to give up soon. The next important step is to care for the plants. Plants take a certain environment to grow well.

You will notice the burnt places after 3 to 4 years. These are the sign of truffles. Otherwise, you will need dogs for searching the truffles, that actually find the truffles in the base of trees. This process is long and expensive. Therefore, people grow truffles indoors. It is a much better and more manageable process as compared to growing truffles outdoors. So, here are the guidelines to grow truffles indoors. 

Truffles Growing Kit

First thing, you should have a truffles growing kit. otherwise, you can purchase a kit for growing truffles indoors. some specific companies provide indoor truffles growing kits online. you buy kits from their websites. Check the kit to make sure it is special for growing truffles indoors. Truffles Growing Kit

Put substrate to a sterilized jar inside the kit, then use a spore syringe to inject the truffle spores into the substrate. Moreover, cover and shake the jar to mix to blend the spores into the substrate. This process needs a certain amount of temperature about 21 to 25°C. Therefore, place the jar in a dark place to maintain its temperature. Spores will be colonized into the substrate after 3 to 4 weeks.

Care for Growing Truffles inside the Jar

Growing truffles indoors is a careful process. Therefore, you will need a lot of management to balance the environment. 

Water plays an important role in growing truffles. Add water to the soil to start the truffles growing. Use a sprinkler bottle to moist the soil that contains spores. However,  you should follow the instructions painted outside the kit. After you add water, cover the jar and shake it. Repeat the process to ensure spores mix into the spores. Always cover the jar to protect your truffles from other types of fungi like mold. Moreover, moisten the soil before it dried for the ideal growth of truffles. You will see the growth of truffles inside the kit after 2-3 weeks. Growing truffles inside the kit are much faster than growing in wild. Harvest your truffles or mushrooms after 3 to 4 weeks.

Truffles Growing by Saplings

You can grow truffles indoors by buying a sapling inoculated with truffles spores. Choose a terra cotta pot for truffles growing. Fill the half pot with well-drained soil. Put the saplings in the center of the pot and cover them with a soil layer. Water them regularly to moisten the soil.  Moreover, place the pot near the sunny window to maintain the temperature of about 70 to 75°C. Be patient this process will take one year. Look at the small rounded lumps around the roots. You can find truffles inside the pot with your finger. 

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