How to grow Poblano peppers?

Poblano peppers are one of the most popular chilli peppers used in Mexican dishes.  Poblano peppers are easy to grow under the right conditions. They need well-drained soil amended with organic compost to grow well. Use water-soluble fertilizers about six weeks after planting to increase the fertility of the soil.  Moreover, they require at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight for growing. Keep reading the article to know about how to grow poblano peppers.

Poblano peppers (Capsicum annuum) are perennial plants that sprout dark green peppers, eventually ripening into a red colour. They originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It has become a very popular pepper throughout Mexico. There are two different colours of poblano, green and red while, the red variety is significantly hotter than the green. The pods typically grow 4 inches long and are mostly picked green for general cooking. They are quite large, mild peppers and look somewhat heart-shaped. They are often peeled and roasted when cooking with them, or dried. When dried, they are called ancho chillies. The poblano pepper is not considered a spicy and hot pepper, because they do have a little amount of heat. 

How to grow Poblano peppers?How to grow Poblano peppers?

Poblano peppers need full sunlight and well-drained soil to grow. Use organic compost or manure to increase the fertility and drainage of the soil. There are three ways to grow poblano peppers. The easiest way to grow poblano peppers is to transplant them into seedlings. Moreover, you can also grow the poblano peppers from the seed. On the other hand, it is technically possible to grow your peppers from direct planting in your home or garden. It is important to remember that, direct sowing of peppers seeds in the home or garden will not germinate until the soil warms to about 70 degrees. 

Growing poblano peppers from the seeds

Peppers can easily grow from the seeds but it takes some tolerance and patience. However, plant seeds indoors about 8-12 weeks before the last frost date. Sow the poblano seeds ¼ inches deep in the seed tray. Moreover, the container fills with soil and organic compost. The seed tray must be placed in a warm and sunny location. Regular watering is crucial for germination. Keep the soil moist at all times, and within 2 weeks, seedlings should sprout.

Growing poblano peppers in the garden or ground

If you want to grow chilli peppers in your garden or ground then learn how to make it possible. Grow poblano pepper plants in garden beds that receive full sunlight. Transplant the seedling to your ground or chosen spot after the last frost, when the soil temperature is 60 degrees.


Chilli peppers love the sun, choosing a location full of sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours per day. Moreover, mix the soil with organic compost to make the soil moist and fertile.

Spacing between the row and plantsPoblano peppers

Chilli peppers are the sensitive plants to grow. However, the space between the two plants should be 14 to16 inches and approximately 3 feet between the rows.  The plants will grow to nearly 4 feet tall under proper conditions.

Watering your peppers plants

It is important to remember that chilli peppers love water as much as they love the sun. However, always keep the soil moist but not soggy. Pull the weeds if they appear. Mulch the soil with organic matter. Mulch plays an important role to maintain the soil moisture and keeping the weeds down. Watering early in the morning works best to keep the plants hydrated during the hottest times of the day. Moreover, Avoid fertilising during the hot season, as the resulting growth puts excessive strain on the root system.

Fertiliser application

It is necessary to give your plants a monthly dose of fertiliser. There are three macronutrients in plant fertiliser such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen will enhance the leafy growth of our peppers while phosphorus promotes the development of root systems. On the other hand, potassium will stimulate the fruiting and flowering processes. After transplanting use a balanced fertiliser until the plant begins to develop the flower sets.

Harvesting the peppersHarvesting the peppers

You should Harvest the poblano peppers as they grow and helps the plants to continue sprouting healthy peppers. Harvesting is simple just picking the pods from the stem. They are usually ready for harvest once they are 4-6 inches in length. The best time for harvesting the peppers is about 65 days after planting. Always use sharp scissors to cut branches and harvest peppers. Do not remove them by hand as plants can be easily damaged.

How to dry chilli peppers?

Chilli peppers can be dried naturally in the sun. This process may take several days, even in hot dry conditions. Peppers can be placed on a flat surface in a sunny location. Turn periodically to ensure that they dry out evenly. Once peppers are slightly brittle and tough, they can be stored in airtight containers and saved for future use.


Can we save the seed from chilli peppers?

The answer is absolutely yes, you can save the seeds from your current batch of chilli peppers rather than purchase new seeds each year. Saving seeds also saves money. It will ensure your favourite peppers from season to season.

Usually, poblano peppers take 65 to 80 days to reach maturity after germination. They are ready for harvest once the fruit is 4 to 6 inches in length.

Poblano peppers can easily be grown in a container. Usually, poblanos are about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. They are easily grown in containers but the container should not be smaller than 1-gallon size.

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