How to Grow Passion fruit in Pots?

Passionflower is a climbing vine that belongs to the family Passifloraceae. The plants can be herbaceous or woody and native to the united states. Some species are grown as ornamental while are others are cultivated for their edible fruits. It is one of the most popular fruit garden fruit. 

Growing Passion fruit in Pots

Passion fruit can be grown from both cuttings and seeds. Many people choose to grow passion fruit vines in pots or containers that can be moved indoors during the cold months.

If you want to grow passion fruit in a container, it is quite simple just take little care to thrive.

Varieties of passion fruitsVarieties of passion fruits

There are many varieties of passion fruit are grown in the world. The most common varieties are given below

  • Yellow Giant
  • Banana
  • Hawaiian
  • Norfolk Island
  • Panama Ged
  • Panama Gold
  • Nellie kelly

Choose a pot or container

If you want to grow passion fruit in a pot then should get a larger pot. A pot or container that’s 40 to 50 cm wide is big enough to hold your plant. Passion fruit is fantastic climbers, often gaining 15 to 20 feet of length in a single year. Therefore, you will need a trellis for your plant that your vine can use as support. 

The best time to plant a passionfruit is in the spring season. Passion fruit needs well-drained soil, rich in organic matter to thrive. Mix the soil with organic compost or potting material and fill it in the container or pot. 

Care for passion fruitsCare for passion fruits

  • Place your pot-grown passion flowers about one foot away from your trellis. 
  • Make sure your container drained well. 
  • Keep the soil moist but do not overwater the plant. 
  • Passion fruits vines need a sunny spot but not extensive heat to grow well. Therefore, choose a partially shaded place

Grow passion fruit from cuttings

You can grow passion fruit from the seeds or cuttings. If you want to grow passion fruit from the cuttings then choose a healthy, and mature plant and take cuttings from the plant. Snip off the portion of the plant that contains at least 2 or 3 buds or at 15 cm long. Removes all the leaves from the cutting, and plants in the sand or soil. Keep regularly watering until it sprouts. You can transplant the seedlings later in a container.

Grow passion fruit from the seeds

Dry out a passion fruit until it becomes dehydrated. When the fruit becomes crinkly and brown, cut the fruit to take the seed out. scatter the seeds in a pot or container filled with seed-raising soil, then cover with potting mix. Water them regularly. Plants are grown from seeds that take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate. 

Passion fruit vine loves a lot of water, especially in its early stages, so regular watering is a must. Make sure to water regularly and to check the soil is moist. It does not require pruning, but you will do to control its size and spread.  Moreover, you can use balanced fertilizers but make sure to water well after fertilizing. 

Harvesting of passion fruits

It normally takes 18-24 months for a passionHarvesting of passion fruits fruit vine to grow from seed and start bearing fruit. Passion fruit may bear fruit in just six to eight months in warmer regions.

Flowers appear in spring before fruiting in early summer.

Passions fruits need full ripen before being picked up to eat. Fruits can be picked off the vines when their color is fully developed and come away from the vines easily. 

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