How to Grow Pampas Grass from Seed?

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is an erect perennial grass that belongs to the family Poaceae. It is a tall reed-like grass, native to Southern America. Pampas grass is an ornamental grass that grows up to 3m high and wide. It is named for the pampas plains, where it is native. Or, pampas grass has long sharped edged leaves that fold at midrib and form a crowded bunch. Moreover, it is a beautiful plant in every garden and produces thousands of seeds. You can easily grow pampas grass in your home or garden. Keep reading the guide, to learn how to grow pampas grass from the seed. 

How to Grow Pampas Grass from Seed?

Pampas grass can easily be grown from the seeds but it takes a little patience.

Types of Pampas grass

There are many types of pampas grass that can be grown in the world. These types produce different colors of flowers and shapes. People grow more than one type of Pampas grass in their garden.

  • Sunningdale SilverFlowers of Pampas Grass
  • Dwarf Pampas grass
  • Pink Pampas Grass
  • Purple pampas grass
  • White Pampas grass
  • Hardy Pampas grass


People grow pampas grass from the seeds. On the other hand,  they buy a plant from the nursery. Some varieties grow well in a container, while others grow in the yard.  However, pampas grass can easily be grown from the seeds but it takes a little patience. If you want to grow pampas grass from the seeds, you need to take care of the following things. 


Pampas grass requires a fully sunny spot to grow well. Moreover, it can thrive well in partial shade but too much shade can lead the soil to damp which causes the fungal problem. 


It requires moist, well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients for growing. If the soil is poor then mix organic compost to increase its fertility and promote drainage.


Pampas grass is a drought tolerance grass. It receives plenty of water from the rains unless there is an extreme drought. Water them deeply until they are established. 

Temperature and HumidityPampas Grass Survive in Cold Climates

It can thrive well in a hot climate. On the other hand, these grass can also withstand the cold environment in winter. 

You can grow pampas grass from the seeds by followings steps.

  • Start sowing any time between February and April. 
  • Put the seeds in a seedling tray or container and cover them with a thin layer of compost or soil. 
  • Keep watering to moisten the soil. 
  • Place the seedling tray in a warm and sunny place.
  • Germination should occur in 21 days.  

Transplantation of Pampas seedlings

Once the seeds sprouts, you can transplant seedlings in large containers or yards when it is easy to handle. Keeping 6-14 feet distance between plants in mind. Water them thoroughly to maintain the soil moisture. Seedlings become slightly grassy or bushy with solid roots developments after the risk of frost is over. However, new plants will produce flowers after a couple of years. 

Does pampas grass need fertilizers?Care of Pampas Grass

Pampas grass doesn’t require fertilizer and grows perfectly well without it. However, some gardeners choose to use a balanced fertilizer.

Pruning of Pampas Grass

It is important to understand that, pruning is necessary for every plant because it promotes growth. Pampas grass should be pruned every year to encourage new, healthy growth. Leave several inches of a length behind, so your pampas grass plant looks like a little shrub.

How to Harvest the Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass produces flowers in late summer and early flowers. Harvesting is quite simple, you just snip off the plumes through a scissor at your desired stems length. Before harvesting, never forget to wear long sleeves, gloves, and other safety gauges. Moreover, it is notorious for rodents and snakes so clear it when to begin to harvest. 

How to dry Pampas grass?

If you want to use the pampas grass, you should dry the grass before using it. Cut the grass to the desired length through sharp shear and place them in an open and warmer place. After some days, the grass fully dried and you can use them in your way. 

Uses of Pampas GrassPampas blooms in Bed room

  • Pampas grass is in high demand for events, weddings for decorating purposes. 
  • It is also used in the floral design and home decor industries.
  • Flowers of pampas grass are not only used for refreshing but also give a pleasant look to your house.
  • It can be used for medicinal purposes. 

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