How to grow broccoli from stem?

Growing broccoli is a very creative and satisfying job because once your crop matures you will be amazed to seed its growth. Broccoli is a fast-growing delicious member of the Brassicaceae family rich in healthy vitamins. A family which includes vegetables like lettuce, cauliflower, and cabbage. Broccoli is quite nutritious and its cultivation is very simple. It is one of the easiest members of the brassica family to grow that requires little care and management throughout the growing cycle. Carefully, place the stem in the soil and cover all the roots up to the baby leaves on the top. Keep reading the article to know about how to grow broccoli from the stem.

It is said to pack the most nutritional punch of any vegetable. Broccoli was considered a valuable food by the Italians since the Roman Empire, but when first introduced in England in the mid-18th century, broccoli was named “Italian asparagus.”

Plant the stem in the soil and cover all the roots up to the top leaves of the stem. Add a mulch to keep the soil cool and prevent it the dying out quickly. Water enough to keep the soil moist once a week until the new growth appear. This article will tell you how to grow broccoli from the stem.

How to grow broccoli from the stem?How to grow broccoli from stem?

Broccoli can be grown by seeds as well as stem cuttings. We’ll discuss the different types of broccoli and their growing methods.

Types of Broccoli

Different varieties of broccoli can be grown in the world like bolster broccoli, Calabrese broccoli, and destiny broccoli. Moreover, Chinese broccoli and broccolini were also grown in different regions.

No matter which variety we get, broccoli is packed with calcium. Vegetables have antioxidant properties which help for reducing cancer and boost the immune system.

Broccoli is also great for weight loss because it is rich in fiber. It aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating. Broccoli makes the bones strong because it is a rich source of calcium and collagen.

Broccoli can be grown from both stem and seeds. However, the broccoli that is grown from seeds tends to be the one with the highest quality. Those grown from seeds are less susceptible to diseases and pests.

Broccoli is a unique crop in that it can harvest and both summer and fall depending on when we plant it. Choose an area in the garden with full sun and rich soil and start planting today.

Choosing broccoli scrap or stem cutting

Choose good broccoli scraps that have their stems intact and not damaged. We can alternatively use stems from live broccoli. Do not use items that have signs of pests and diseases attack.

 Preparing the broccoli stems for planting

cut about 20cm length broccoli stem. Make sure that remove all the leaves, and heads, and allow only the stalks. Depending on how much broccoli we want to grow, we can prepare broccoli stems as many as we want.

Place the scraps in the water

broccoli scrape in water

Find a glass cup then add water into the glass cup which can swallow 5 cm of the broccoli stems. we can add up to 3-4 broccoli stems in one glass cup. when the water turns dark brown then replace water with new water in the glass cup.

 Observe new roots

After some days broccoli stems will start to grow new roots. Take patience until the new leaves and roots can grow a little bit. Never leave them until they grow into true roots and leaves. Because it needs nutrients and space which are not obtainable in the water environment.

Prepare a container for shifting

When broccoli stems start growing new roots, start preparing soil mixture in a container.

Find a good container of a reasonable size and fill it with good potting soil. The soil should be fertile and well-drained. If we are using garden soil, make sure that add coarse sand, compost, and chopped wood.

Transplant the sprouts

When the container fills with a good mixture of soil then transplant the sprouts from the water to the container.

broccoli plantMake sure that only 1-2 sprouts per container are enough. Moreover, do not overcrowd sprouts in one container. Find more containers and then plant 1-2 sprouts. Insert each broccoli sprout in a hole that can accommodate the roots. If we plant two broccoli sprouts in one container, make sure that 3-5 inches of space between them.

Water your broccoli sprouts

Use tap water in the container for providing moisture to the sprouts. It will help to reduce stress and improve quicker roots and leaf development. Make sure, to avoid flooding the sprouts with water. we need just to water them to keep them moist.

Place the container in a right place

Broccoli needs partial shade and a ventilated area. So, put the container in a place that receives about 2-6 hours of direct sunlight.

Care for broccoli

Broccoli needs low nitrogen fertilizers after transplanting.

We can alternatively add chicken droplets and compost. Water at regular intervals to keep the potting mix moist.


  • Cultivating broccoli from both stems and seeds requires a lot of care and attention. Taking care of the plants, especially during the early days is vital for the healthy growth of the plants.

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