How to grow blackberries from Cuttings?

Blackberries can be grown easily in different climates and varieties of soil. It can be propagated from roots, cutting, and suckers. Propagation methods depend upon the availability of different varieties. If you want to grow blackberries from the cuttings, then take cuttings about 4 to 6 inches from the top of the plant. Place the cuttings in a pot and cover them with potting mix. water enough to keep the soil moist. Place the pots in bright light until the roots develop.  So, before we get into the propagation from cutting, let’s talk about how to grow blackberries. 

How to grow blackberries?

Blackberries (Rubus fruticosus) belong to the family Rosaceae known for their dark edible fruits. It can be grown on a commercial scale or in the home garden. Blackberries are native to Europe, but people grow them all across the world.

Types of blackberries

Different types of blackberries are found in the world. Blackberries are a part of the rose family and grow on thorny canes. some varieties of blackberries are given below.

Trailing BlackberriesTrailing Blackberries

Trailing blackberries are one of the most popular types of blackberries. These varieties can grow up to 20 feet in length. These varieties can’t tolerate cold and need support to elevate the canes. Severe cold weather can kill the canes. 

Erect Blackberries

The taste of these varieties is not so good and the size of these berries is not too large as the trailing varieties. But the plants of this variety are hardier and berries are sturdier. It produces fruit with relatively large seeds.

Semi Erect Blackberries

These varieties can be easily picked from their mostly thorn-free canes, and the plants are also known for big berry yields. they need support but the taste of these varieties is not good as trailing varieties.How to grow blackberries from Cuttings?

Primocane fruiting varieties

These varieties are easily manageable because we can cut them each fall and get a new cane in the spring. Primocane blackberries varieties produce fruit in the first year at their tip.

Soil and Climate

If you want to grow blackberries in your garden or home then care about the soil and climate. Sandy loam soil is most suitable for growing blackberries. A well-aerated and well-drained soil with a pH of 5.5 – 6.5 is best for its growth. Blackberries prefer a warm and sunny position for best fruiting. Moreover, Protect it from the wind that affects the fruit quality.

It can be grown from roots, stems, or suckers, here we discuss how it will grow from the cuttings.

Blackberry plants grow easily from cuttings or stems. This method is best if you want to grow many plants quickly, in one batch. The process is simple:

Best time to grow blackberries cuttings

when the canes are dormant in the spring, it is the best time to plant blackberries we can also grow in fall but the cold climate kill many varieties.

Choose cuttings or stem

Take cuttings from the green and healthy plant Cut them about4 to 6 inches from the tip and make sure they have a few sets of leaves on them.Blackberries stem cutting

Avoid taking cuttings from the hard, woody canes close to the base of the plant. Moreover, removes all the leaves from the stem

Dip cutting in water

 Place the cuttings in a glass with water about two inches deep and leave the glass in a warm, sunny, protected spot. Change the water every two or three days. New roots will emerge in a month. Make sure, the roots will be long enough to support the plant when it is planted into the soil.

Alternatively, you can dip the cut ends of the cuttings in rooting hormone and then plant them directly into a rich, well-draining potting medium.    

Once your cuttings have rooted and started to produce new leaves, they can be moved into a more exposed area to harden off for two or three weeks. After hardening off, they plant out into the garden. Growing blackberries require full sun and rich, well-draining soil. 

Transplanting the rooted cuttings

There are the following steps you keep in mind before transplanting the blackberries.transplanting blackberries cuttings

Transplant the cutting two months after it roots. Move it into a site filled with a mix of equal parts loam, compost, and coarse sand.

Grow the blackberry under lightly shaded conditions during the summer. Water it to a 2-inch depth every five to seven days, or whenever the growing mixture dries out in the top 2 inches.

Transplant the blackberry into a permanent bed with acidic, fast-draining soil in mid-autumn, around late October. Provide a support structure to encourage vertical growth.


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