How to Grow Asparagus from Cuttings?

Asparagus is a perennial crop with a long life span. It belongs to the family Asparagaceae, which is mainly grown for its edible Spears. It is a cool-season crop that thrives well in full sunlight.  It is said that Egyptians used asparagus spears as gift offerings for the gods.

How to Grow Asparagus from Cuttings?

Asparagus can be grown from both seeds or cuttings. If you want to grow from seeds, it will take a lot of time to harvest. However, the best option is to grow asparagus from the cuttings because it will generally save you a bunch of time. The best time to plant asparagus cutting in spring., when the frost has gone and temperature is about 50 °

In this article, you will learn how to grow asparagus from the cuttings. This method is pretty simple and straightforward.

Get Asparagus CuttingsGet Asparagus Cuttings

The first step is to find asparagus cuttings. You buy cuttings from the nursery or local garden. Moreover, cut off about 12 inches of young shoots with a sharp knife or blade held at a 45-degree angle. Before planting, make sure cuttings have few buds. 

Soil preparation

Asparagus grows in well-drained soil with a moderate pH (6.8 to 7.0). Moreover, add organic compost in the soil to increase its fertility. Prepare furrows by digging 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Place the cutting in the ground and cover them with 2 inches of soil. When the plants start growing they gradually add more soil to furrows. Plants will start sprouting new growth by March to April. 

 Care and management for asparagus

Growing asparagus from the cutting may look simple but maintaining it is very difficult.Care and management for asparagus

When you are propagating asparagus from the cuttings, water them properly. The growth of asparagus may be reduced when not watering at the proper time.  Moreover, remove all the weeds when they grow.  When you grow asparagus from the cuttings use balanced fertilizer and add more organic compost to the furrows. 

Spiders are one of the most dangerous pests which affect the growth of asparagus. However, keep an eye on diseases and pests. If you see beetles, eggs, or pests on asparagus plants, pick them off right away.  

When to harvest asparagus?

It is important to understand that, do not harvest asparagus spears during the first two years. During the third season, pick the spears over a four to five weeks period, and by the fourth year, extend your harvest to eight to ten weeks. Harvest the spear every third day early in the morning.  Moreover,  if the weather warms, you might have to pick asparagus twice a day to keep up with production. Cut asparagus with a sharp blade or knife, when the spears are 6 inches tall. 

Prepare asparagus for next year

Stop picking spears at the end of the growing season and let them grow to the fullest. Watering them properly during the whole summer season. Moreover, keep an eye on diseases and pests. Also, do not stop pulling the weeds up. 

Does asparagus regrow after cuttings?asparagus regrow after cuttings

Asparagus is a perennial crop that will return year after year. Therefore, asparagus grows after harvesting. 

Benefits of Asparagus

  • Asparagus is a rich source of antioxidants that is also beneficial to control harmful effects on body cells. 
  • Spears are an excellent source of folate, also known as vitamin B9.
  • It is also used to control blood pressure and relax the blood vessels.
  • Asparagus has low calories, which is also helpful to control weight. 

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