How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant at Home?


Aloe vera native to Africa has different varieties in the other regions of the world, but aloe vera is the best cultivar, grows easily in every climate. Maximum height reaches about two feet, leaves are green in color, and starts flowering in the summer season. Each leaf of growing aloe vera contains a length of about 30-50cm and 10cm broad. Plant (singular noun carries singular verb) reaches up to just 2ft height on maturity level/parent plant—no need of care and maintenance for its growth and development. In this article, we will discuss easy steps on how to grow the aloe vera plant at home.

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Overview of Aloe Vera Plant

Common Names               Aloe

Technical Name                 Aloe Vera

Family                                Aloaceae                           

Native                                North Africa and Spain

Planting Season                 July-August                      

Harvesting Condition        7-8 months of planting               

Climate                              Dry and hot

Irrigation 1-time irrigation in a week

Harvesting Season            October- November  

Storage                                for 2 months in the refrigerator

Crop Type                          Perennial and Evergreen

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Nutrients in Aloe Vera

how to grow aloe vera from leaf

Aloe vera plant is mentioned in the bible for its healing properties, succulent, hardy in nature, and dwarf plant. It is also called a medicinal plant and is used to cure many diseases in the world. It reduces constipation, accelerates wound healing, improves skin, prevents wrinkles, treats canker sores, lowers blood sugar levels, has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Aloe vera plant contains 75 potentially active compounds that have vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugar, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids, vitamin B12, folic acids, and choline.

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Climate Requirements To Grow Aloe Vera

It requires a temperature range from 50-60degrees Fahrenheit in summer and winters, it doesn’t stay under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It can tolerate dry air indoors and requires full sun for flowering in some areas. The plant needs eight hours of bright shine sunlight or partial sunlight for better growth and development also bears dry and drought conditions like in deserted areas—some cultivars like Aloe polyphylla L.a variety that grows in the mountains.

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Soil Preparation

It can be grown ins all kinds of soils but must be well-drained and with maximum organic matter. pH level should be neutral, and soil must contain perlite, lava, rock, and chunks. Don’t use the gardening soil.

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Propagation Method

Propagation of Aloe Vera is the coolest, but it takes time in growing to reach the proper aloe vera plant. Aloe vera can grow through (except rhizome and leaf, others are plural so rhizomes and leaves) rhizome, leaf, pups, and suckers most effective through offsets or pups. Take the pup with the help of a sharp sickle or knife and put it in the soil

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Fertilizer To Grow Aloe Vera

Aloe vera itself is a natural fertilizer, and it can feed other plants gave them all nutrients. Every plant needs fertilizer. So, aloe vera is the best fertilizer for taking two tablespoons of aloe Vera pulp in a bottle and adding one gallon of water to it. Spray this mixture on the stem and leaves of the plant. Residues of houseplants are also good fertilizers and artificial fertilizers from vegetables. Fruit peels are also better to use.

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Water Requirement

Aloe Vera plant doesn’t need maximum water for its growth and development because it’s a hardy plant with much more watery fluid inside the leaves. So water the plant once in ten days or when you feel dry soil.

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During the harvesting of the Aloe Vera plant, you need to remove 3-4 leaves at one time, not more than this. Also, the thick leaves from the outer section ensure that leaves are healthy and free of any disease or mold/ damages. While cutting the leaves, cut close to the stem and wash the leaves properly, also dry them. Do remember to cut the prickly edges with the shearer.

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Post Harvesting

After harvesting the Aloe Vera plant, you should keep it for about 2 weeks or more than in a refrigerator, but a little funky condition of leaves appeared. You can let the leaves outside but make sure the temperature should be normal level, not too much hot or cold. Keep the leaf prevent from bruising or damage.

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Varieties of Aloe Vera

It has 500 different breeds, but mostly those used are Ic

  • 111271
  • Lace aloe
  • Spider aloe
  • Stone aloe
  • Candelabra aloe
  • Ic 111269
  • AI-1
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Disease and Pests

Some diseases and insect pests that can attack the Aloe Vera plants (plural noun) are root rot, fungal stem, soft rot, leaf rot, rust cause black spots, and discoloration in plants can be cured by fungicides and through hoeing.

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How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant at Home from Baby Plant (pup)

  1. If you want to grow the Aloe Vera plant at home, you need potting media. It‘ll be a mixture of perlite, lava rock, coarse sand with a neutral pH level.
  2. Take a clean pot that should be wide, put the soil mixture without any dirt.
  3. The best growing time of the Aloe Vera plant is in July- August. Similarly, harvest after -6 months of proper growth.
  4. With the help of shear, take the (new outgrowth) baby plant from the parent plant carefully to take all roots with it.
  5. In the next step, you should dig the small hole in the pot and fix the baby plant in soil all the roots with care.
  6. Ensure that, during shifting the pup from one pot to another. You need to save the roots of the pup from the outer environment.
  7. Don’t water the plant for one week to let the soil and plant firmness together.
  8. Fertilizer should be applied after the proper growth and freshness of leaves.
  9. In winters, you must have to take care of the plant don’t propagate in a very cold environment.
  10. Excess rainfall and water (two nouns connected with AND carry plural verb) are also harmful to plant. So keep your plant away from rainy weather.
  11. An adequate amount of water is just needed for the growth and development of the Aloe Vera plant.
  12. Hoeing is also necessary for the plant once a month in order to avoid any kind of disease or pests attack.
  13. Aeration is also necessary for plant health and sustainability.
  14. Above all, after harvesting of plants, it’s easy to store the leaf in the refrigerator for a long time

From cuttings

Propagation of aloe vera plants is also done through cutting. Similarly, this method takes a long time in growing aloe vera and developing new plants.

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How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant from a Leaf

how to grow aloe vera from leaf

In this kind of propagation that how to grow aloe vera from leaf, we just need the same process as in the new outgrowth or baby plant method on the whole.

More than one to two weeks of growth the pup (baby) plant, should be observed for the new leaves and roots establishment. Then, cut the fresh mature leaf carefully from the parent plant and transplant it in a pot. Don’t water the plant for 1-2 weeks to let the leaf grow their roots inside the soil and new shoots take a long time

Note that the pup plant must reach the size of about one fifth of the parent plant while transplanting.

During harvesting aloe vera, you have to take a sharp knife, cut the extra mature leaf from the plant, and use it for each and this is how to grow aloe vera from leaf It is also a good nutrient for other plants.

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Lastly, I must say that every person must start growing the Aloe Vera plant in their home garden. Because it can enhance the beauty and give greenery to the area. We know that there are more and more benefits that we can get from this plant, some of them are also mentioned above in the paragraphs. Similarly, if you want to grow plants in your home garden, take the leaf from your friend’s garden for propagation. Hence, the aloe vera plant doesn’t need any kind of maintaining, time, or care for its growth with many benefits for us.

So, grow aloe vera and heal, enjoy and cherish your life!

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