How to Choose the Best Large Garden Sculpture: 5 Best for all Needs

When it comes to landscaping, one option that you can never go wrong with is a bold statement, and what speaks, more aggressive than a garden sculpture; statues and sculptures have always been a big part of garden décor. They are bold, beautiful, artistic, and look sophisticated in the garden. They add a new dimension to your garden; whatever your style may be, the statue of your choice will represent it.

When looking for a statue to put up, there are several aspects that you should be considering. Enlisted below is everything you will need to know to choose the perfect sculpture for your garden.

What Kind Of Material To Go for in a Garden Sculpture?

There are several different kinds of statues available based on the material. This choice will be based upon your preference and the type of environment the figure will be placed in, i.e., Will your statue be in sunlight or underneath a canopy of trees or near some other vegetation? Will it be subjected to salty air? What kind of region do you live in? Does it receive much rain? Will it be subjected to bitter cold winters? What is the humidity level? Does your area have high-grade air pollution? Do you have enough space for a large garden sculpture? All these answers are going to affect the choice you make for your statue’s material.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is the ideal material for statues since it is non-porous. This statue will be the most robust; it will last the longest, even longer than concrete or cast stone. Natural stone statues are usually carved from marble or granite. Both granite and marble can get stained if not cared for correctly, and since both of these stones are softer so they might also get scratched.

Cast Stone

As suggested by the name, its name is not a natural stone. It is refined precast concrete. It can be manufactured it imitate any natural stone. Cast stone can be made from grey or white concrete; other minerals and pigments might be added to the mix to add color and variation. Additives such as plastic fiber or glass can make the statues almost as strong as natural stone and less weathering than concrete.


This is the most commonly used material. Concrete creates a very heavy statue, but it is not as resilient as other materials. Water can seep into the porous crevices of concrete and might cause cracking with changing weather conditions. The water from snow might get in during winter and then thaw in summers causing cracking over time.


Some small statues are made from ceramic. Ceramics can be both porous and non-porous. It is not a very long-lasting material; it can become weathered and brittle over time, discoloration might also occur, but they are non-corrosive and less dense. Ceramic statues are comparatively inexpensive, and readily available, and glazed ceramic sculptures do not catch stains.

large garden sculpture

Brass / Bronze/ Stainless Steel

They give quite a different look than stone or ceramic statues. They look more expensive and give more of an industrial vibe, and they provide the option of mobility, which means if you want a sculpture that moves in the wind, then metal is the material to go for. Metal statues are more susceptible to corrosion, so research the weather conditions in your region thoroughly before going for a metal statue.

Provide a much different look than stone, concrete, or cast stone. Some metals are more susceptible to corrosion. However, this material allows for mobile statues to move in the wind.

If you go for stainless steel, then the garden sculpture will be silver and shiny. The most appealing point of choosing metal is that it can be polished and made to look new even after years. They are lovely and a perfect choice for formal gardens, but they can be pretty expensive. Another thing to consider is that many metal statues will develop a patina over time. For instance, copper will turn a shade of green; for example, think of the statue of liberty.


Wooden statues look very chic and give an earthy vibe to the garden, but wood must be treated beforehand to withstand different weather conditions, but even so, they will almost always succumb to the test of time. They will also require much more maintenance to prevent staining and decay.


Resin is a hard plastic material that is very easily moldable into just about any shape thinkable. It takes beautiful details and can be made to look like anything; it can also take any finish. Resin is rugged and durable, so it is an excellent material for garden statues. You will often see figures of children playing, characters, and animals made out of resin. Resin is more durable than concrete but much lighter and more expensive.

What Kind Of Garden Sculpture Would Go Best?

Once you are done deciding what kind of material you want, there are several options available within each category enlisted below to choose your style from.

sculpture in garden

Figurine Garden Sculpture

Figurines are the statues that come to mind when you hear the word “statue”. Figurines mean a shape of a human body. These are the statues most often referred to as Greek statues; they imitate the shape and form of a male or female, sometimes even a group. Similarly, they can either represent humans or gods and deities from Roman, Greek, or Norse mythology. They look very sophisticated and sensual. Hence, these are best for formal gardens as centerpieces to your garden.

garden statues long island

Mystical and Mythical Garden Sculpture

Mystical and mythical creatures, more commonly known as imaginary creatures, are the types of statues that will give your garden the most character. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose almost any mythical creature such as fairies, angels, cherubs, mermaids, etc. You can even go with mythical animals like unicorns, dragons, gargoyles, or your plain old garden gnomes. Also, any fantasy character that you are fascinated with can be converted into a garden statue. However, you have to make sure enough space is available for large garden sculpture

contemporary garden ornaments

Artistic Garden Sculpture

Artistic sculptures can be anything from modern art to abstract sculptures. Further, these are mostly curated for a specific person. Sometimes these can be a combination of mixed media. Artistic sculptures are usually placed in settings where they stand out. Similarly, they are bold statements pieces made to evoke a reaction.

contemporary metal garden sculptures

Historical and Cultural Garden Sculpture

if you are a history enthusiast, you probably want that to be represented in your garden sculpture large imitating historical monuments or other historical statues is also a bold choice; thus, they will most definitely look classy. Cultural statues are also a similar option if you want to represent a specific culture; a great example would be the eastern island heads.

Religious Garden Sculpture

Many religions have statues in them; if you want your garden to represent your religious preferences or design a sanctuary within your garden to pray in, a religious figure will be a good choice for you. Moreover, a great example of a religious statue can be a Buddha statue or the statues of the Hindu gods.

Buddha Statue

Theme-Based Garden Sculpture

If your garden is joined to a place that has a particular purpose behind it or is in a setting where it will receive much public attention, then you can go for a theme-based garden sculpture, for example, a statue of a kid studying outside a school or the figure of a book outside a library, historical personalities, or a statue depicting a scene from history. Similarly, you can go with other themes, too; it all depends on the kind of message you want to convey if you are a mythology enthusiast, you can place several statues of different creatures throughout your garden, all getting a specific message.

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Animal Garden Statue

animal sculpture

Animal Sculptures are one of the most common kinds of statues. People also place different animals in the garden to replicate a natural jungle-like feel or a giant; the majestic statue is placed as the focal point; either way, you cannot go wrong with an animal statue. In addition, the most commonly used animal statues are of horses, rabbits, lions, and bulls. The options are unlimited. Some birds, such as

Modern Garden Sculpture

Modern statues are primarily pieces that convey a message or are abstract pieces. They follow clean lines and are usually made with a focused idea in mind. A modern sculpture, garden sculpture large could be anywhere from minimalistic to highly detailed. It all depends on your style choice. Moreover, modern sculptures usually present our day-to-day objects in a new light. Hence, they are thought-evoking and beautiful, they are… well, a work of art.

garden statues long island


While decorating landscaping, you have so many options, and one option is that you can never go wrong with a bold statement with a more aggressive large garden sculpture. There are so many different varieties available for garden sculptures, you can choose as per your garden size and your requirement.

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