How long can a Cactus go without water?

Cactus is a succulent perennial plant that belongs to the family Cactaceae. Cacti generally have herbaceous or woody chlorophyll-containing stems. Cactus grow slowly and produce flowers within the center of the plant. 

Can Cacti go without water?

Cacti have thickened stems and the ability to store water and consume water when needed. It has developed a great survival technique and can go long without water. Moreover, they also have protective layers to prevent the loss of water. Some plant species can go for two years without water. It does not survive entirely without water. Every living thing requires water, but some have the ability to survive for a long period of time without water. It requires a sufficient supply of water, especially during the growing season. It is a desert plant and prefers dry soil for a living. 

What helps the cactus in surviving without water for a long period?the cactus in surviving without water

There are many factors that lead to the survival of cactus without water for many days. It depends on the species of cactus, its size, and locations that are found to be growing. Moreover, cactus have shallow roots that go only a few inches inside the soil. Shallow roots and thick stems of the cactus have the ability to store water for many days. Cactus plants do not have leaves but also have prickly spines. Cactus spines prevent the plants from being eaten by the animals and loss of water through evaporation. 

Cactus plants take carbon dioxide at night and store it for the process of photosynthesis during the daytime. While most of the plants open their stomata during the daytime to allow the uptake of carbon dioxide and intake of sunlight which helps in photosynthesis. 

How to water a cactus indoors?

Cactus needs to water when the soil is completely dry. It needs to be water at least once in weak. The amount of water depends on the sunlight and the heat that the cactus receive. Place the pot or container with the cactus in a saucer that has enough water. If your cactus plant is located in an open area that receives direct sunlight or heat, you will need to water it a little more. Moreover, avoid overwatering because it can be more dangerous than underwatering. 

How to check cactus plants need water?How to check cactus plants need water?

Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering. Check the top few inches of soil, if the soil is completely dried then it needs to be water. Therefore, stick your finger into the soil to check the moisture level. If the soil sticks on your finger, give the plant some time before watering again. It is important to understand that cactus plants in pots usually require more water than those planted directly in the ground. Therefore, be sure to adjust your watering accordingly. Watch out for signs of over-watering or under-watering of your cactus plant. An underwatered cactus plant will look skinny, pale, deflated, or rubbery

How to check cactus is overwatered?

When the fleshy leaves of cactus may appear plump or swollen and stem begin leaking. It is a sign of overwatering. Overwatering can be one of the severe issues. It can damage the delicate root system. Stop watering the cactus plant immediately, If you notice any signs of overwatering.


Cactus is an herbaceous woody plant that can live without water for a long period of time. It depends on several factors such as species, location, and sunlight. Avoid underwatering and overwatering to prevent damage to plants. 


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