Different types of Garden Hoes

Garden hoe are the essential garden tool that is multipurpose, maintain lawns and plantations. A garden hoe consists of a long wooden shaft and an angled metal blade. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and qualities.

Different Types of Garden Hoes

 Some common types of garden hoes are 

  • Paddle hoes
  • Stirrup hoe
  • Dutch hoe or warren hoe
  • Draw hoe
  • Scuffle hoes
  • Circle hoe
  • Swoe hoes 
  • Eye hoe
  • Serpentine garden hoe

The function of a garden hoe

function of a garden hoe

The main functions of gardening hoe us to get rid of weeds and to cultivate the garden. It helps in breaking up clods of dirt, weeding, tilling, and planting.

Different types of garden hoes with respect to their functions are given below.

Hoedad hoe

Hoedad hoe or hedge hoes are used for planting trees on the lawn or garden.

Mortar Hoe 

It has a square blade and is used for mixing mortar and concrete.

mortar hoe

How does a draw hoe work?

Draw hoe blade is fixed at ninety degrees angle to the handle

  • It helps in breaking lumps of soil
  • Hilling potatoes
  • It helps to cut enormous weeds
  • Dragging and digging piles of dirt

Functions of scuffle hoe

Scuffle hoe comes in sizes, varieties, and shapes diamond, triangle, or circle. It has a slight angle between the head and handles 20-30 degrees.

Scuffle hoe

  • Scuffle hoe helps in the refinement of small and soft weeds
  • It can breakdown the surface crusts
  • This hoe helps in untying the soil

Functions of swoe hoe

  • Swoe hoe helps in flicking out weeds
  • It helps in uprooting the mass
  • It can shake up the soil
  • We can remove roots and plants with swoe hoe

Functions of stirrup hoe

  • It helps in handling 
  • It allows cultivation in either direction

Functions of the serpentine garden hoe

serpentine garden hoe

Serpentine hoe is small and look like snake goes into tight spaces

  • It helps in uprooting weeds
  • serpentine garden hoe pull out plants from concrete
  • It removes weeds or plants between tight pavers


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Some guidelines regarding garden hoe

  • Preserve your garden hoe sharp always
  • Sharp hoe will cut, prune, and uproot easily than dull ones. 
  • Keep your garden hoe clean after using
  • Before storing the hoe for winters, place lubricating oil on blades to prevent from rusting
  • Ponder your height while purchasing a garden hoe
  • Buy a long-handled garden hoe, which you can comfortably use 
  • For doing dense cultivation, 60-70 degree angle and a large head, garden hoe is ideal

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