Blood Meal for Plants

Blood Meal for Plants:

Blood meal is the by-product from the animal slaughterhouse, natural fertilizer for plants, gardens, lawn area containing nitrogen that helps plant for better growth and development. It’s used as a natural fertilizer than chemical fertilizer for flowering plants like roses and bulbs.

What is the difference between a bone meal and a blood meal?

Blood meal and bone meal are by-products of animals slaughterhouse or we can get it from animal blood and bones. Both are prepared after finely grounding the bones and drying out the blood to make a powdered mixture to add to the soil. The bone meal gives plants calcium and phosphorous for better rooting and healthy flower blooming. On other hand, it increases nitrogen levels in the soil for maximum vegetation.

How to use blood meal in the garden?

We can use it in soil by the process of fertigation, add the required amount of blood meal mixture in the water, and put it into the soil.

Another way is to add a blood meal by directly sprinkling the powdered mixture on the top of the soil. Make sure that excess nitrogen fertilizer can burn the plants.

What are the nutrients in blood meal?

It is dry, high in nitrogen, protein, ash, and inert powder contains mostly protein about 90-95% DM and minor quantity of fat fewer than 1% DM,  and phosphorous about 1.0%. It also contains ash of about 5% DM.

Fish blood bone fertilizer

Blood fish fertilizer powder plays a vital role in the growth and development of strong healthy flowering and fruit feeding. It provides plants a quick improvement for flowers, fruits, and also at the plantation level that gave long-lasting consequences.

Some uses of blood meal

  • Raise the nitrogen level
  • Deterrent for some animals like moles, squirrels and deer
  • Lush green and refreshing gardens
  • Rich in protein that is crude protein

Espoma meal

It is a natural organic fertilizer that promotes rapid growth and gives a dark and deep green color at the vegetative stage to the leaves and to the leafy vegetables and fruits also.

It is best for green garden products either fruit, vegetables, or ornamental plants.

Stagreen garden soil

It is a valuable organic matter that helps to improve soil structure for all kinds of plantation fruits, flowers, vegetables, and also herbs. It contains sphagnum peat moss has the better water-absorbing capacity, and improves aeration in the compacted soil

Alternative of bone meal

There is an alternative for a bone meal is rock phosphate that has a neutral smell and has a phosphorous ratio of about 3 and overall it has NPK as 0-3-0. It increases the fertility of soil as a substitute for bone meal.

What does it do for plants?

Gardeners add blood meal into the plants to increase their nitrogen ratio when the level of nitrogen becomes decreases. As we, all know nitrogen is the basic component of plants’ health. Gardeners prefer it because it’s a natural/ organic fertilizer for home gardening also.

How to apply blood meal?blood meal for plants

Before applying blood meal fertilizer assure that the plantation place is free of all weeds and do proper hoeing to remove clumps and flatten the compacted soil. Spread the granules or powder on the lawn or garden area where plants are growing. Irrigate well after adding the fertilizer.

How to mix blood meal with water?

The process is called fertigation in which we can add fertilizer with the addition of water to the plants or any commercial level gardening. In this process, we have to add its powder into the required amount of water mix properly then put it all in the soil.

In this system, there is no need for separate irrigation after applying fertilizer.


It is rich in phosphorous and rich natural organic fertilizer for use in home gardening and also on a commercial scale. People use it and give the best reviews after adding it to the soil, as it improves the quality, health and makes the plant lush green.

It helps plants at the vegetative stage, for better plantation, flowering, and fruit colors development. Be careful while using it if it is applied in extra quantity than required because then it can be harmful and burn the plant.

Rock phosphate is soft phosphate can be helpful and used as an alternative to a blood meal. Some farmers or gardeners avoid applying animal fertilizers as they ingest them late into the soil. Make a balance and the required amount should be applied to the plants for the best response.

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