The Best Hori Hori Garden Knife For Your Garden

Best Hori Hori garden knife is one of the favorite tools in my gardening arsenal. This knife has a small blade that is heavily serrated on one side and is sharp on both. This is a versatile and practical tool that is great for either cutting stems or digging up plants. Besides, it can also be replaced for other gardening equipment such as trowels, weed extractors, and pruners. Fiskars’ garden knives are popular for their grip.  

The Best Hori Hori Garden Knife

The word ‘Hori’ means to dig. Surprisingly, its peculiar name is an onomatopoeia of the sound made while digging hard soil using a concave knife. Initially used in the mountains to dig up wild plants, the Hori Hori knife is a brainchild of the Japanese known for its efficient and ergonomic tool designs and is among the sturdiest ones gardeners possess.


It was originally designed to aid in gathering bonsai trees from mountains; this is useful for all types of gardening jobs, like planting bulbs, pruning, weeding, and transplanting. Moreover, it can easily detach plants from pots and is typically sharp enough to cut bags, strings, and small roots or branches. This can be made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, with varying strength and durability.

It is designed in a concave shape to provide a good hold during transplanting, and the ruler aids in measuring dig depth. With the market filled with so many varieties, we have picked some multipurpose knives to make your gardening life satisfying, or if your old faithful gardening knife has finally given up the ghost. You need to invest in a new one.

Hori Knife by Sensei Tools

This garden knife tool doesn’t have a traditional look; the total length of its blade is 7.5 inches for digging deeper. Furthermore, it has a plastic handle with a textured finish for a firm grip. Sensei Tools also offers a 100% money-back guarantee and comes with a leather sheath included. With a rustproof stainless steel blade, it looks a bit like a dagger. Hence, it’s a bit pricey but worth investing in.

Nisaku Digging Knife Model NJP800

The NJP800 has a tough blade made from steel and infused with vanadium. The ergonomic handle is ideal for small hands due to its built-in protection. The concave blade, forged by master craftsmen, is perfect for weeding, transplanting, or dividing perennials. Depth measurements in both millimeters and inches make planting bulbs a breeze. Furthermore, the chopped edge is ideal for chopping and the serrated one for cutting. The dimensions are 13”x22”x1”. Additionally, this knife manufactured by Nisaku weighs 7.7 ounces.

CIELCERA Hori Knife with Diamond Rod

This light and a handy knife have a polished stainless steel blade for cultivating and loosening the soil. In addition, it has a comfortable wooden handle and comes with a free leather sheath and sharpening rod. Like the previous knives, it also has a serrated and cutting edge. Most gardeners are used to the traditional 7-inch blade; nevertheless, you have the advantage of reaching under bushes for digging and pruning. This tool is versatile due to its concave shape and will be useful to you for many years. What is more, it also has a 5-year warranty.

Gardening Knife by Truly Garden

If you’re looking for a Hori knife within your budget, you need to try this one. Also, this multipurpose tool has a solid grip and is excellent for all your gardening jobs. Furthermore, it has a wooden handle and a metal safety guard to protect your hand from sharp stainless steel. However, the knife is kept straight instead of concave, so it may not be efficient or useful when handling seedlings during transplanting.

Dino Tooth Japanese Gardening Hori Knife

garden knife

Ideal for use as a gift, this knife has a stainless steel blade with one serrated and one smooth side and also comes with a sheath for storage when not in use. Also, the inch-markers on its back give you an idea of how deep to dig. Being sturdy and lightweight, it is ideal for the avid gardener. As a bonus, you also get an included whetstone to sharpen your blades and keep them in the best condition.

Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife Tool

Fiskars has come up with something creative and a little different is a garden knife with a big grip. Its concave blade tapers down with two points instead of a single. Additionally, the two-pronged tip works extremely well for weeding in soft soil. However, the aluminum blade is not sharp, and I would use it for light-duty containers or indoor gardening. It hangs on the wall for storage and is ideal for patio gardening without being heavy on your wallet.

New Dig Dig Japanese Knife

This strong garden knife tool manufactured by Dig Dig is bound to be an excellent addition to your gardening tools kit. The Dig Dig label might be an attempt at humor; as already stated, Hori Hori refers to the digging sound. Additionally, the positive seller reviews show satisfaction by its users. As it happens, the Hori Hori garden knife has worked in the best way for metal detectors though not intended for their use originally. However, the knife should be handled with care due to its sharp edges.

Japanese Hori knife makes big difference when using it in the garden. It is important to have one which is both reliable and durable. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Check if the knife has a full or partial tang
  2. It should have an ergonomic handle for comfortable usability and a strong grip
  3. Should be resistant to stains and corrosion
  4. You May also need a tool to sharpen the serrated edge of your blade

Hence, choosing the best garden knife tool is easy when you know the features of the knife. Similarly, after reading this post, you’re ready to choose one that’s comfortable, durable, and ideal for your purposes. Happy shopping!

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