5 Best Garden Towers

Hydroponic farming is experimented on different vegetables and fruits due to its excellent outcomes. It would be best if you were intrigued by how exactly how these best garden hydroponic vertical towers work. The vertical hydroponics garden planters have a tube system with a pump that allows water to flow up in the tower to the roots including those in the top layers.

Best Vertical Garden Towers

Vertical gardening is particularly useful for those who live in small houses, or apartments or do not have enough space for gardening. The vertical gardening system is an innovation that can add a little effort to counter greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, the vertical garden tower gives the same results as the ground garden does. Most people think that it is not effective and discourage this method. But it’s effortless and equally beneficial as ground farming.

Similarly, it saves one’s more valuable time and energy. Even though, sometimes, the results seem unique and breathtaking. Therefore, eventually, it gives healthier crops and yields. The vertical hydroponic towers are straight, and tall, and make the harvest monitoring process feasible in the garden.

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Why is Garden Towers Important?

The vertical garden towers idea was initially invented to solve food deserts, a common problem in the US and many other countries. You can easily use it to grow almost everything from seeds to small plants. All you need is soil, worms, water, and compost. The tower can be kept in a yard, porch, and balcony or anywhere it can get sunlight and water quickly. Also, vertical gardening requires less management and resources than most traditional gardens. Some tower garden containers even come with their artificial lighting source. It does not only save money but is also safe for consumption.

Some common benefits are

  1. Occupy less space
  2. Required fewer efforts
  3. Yields high
  4. Get more variety

Here we have compiled the best vertical garden towers in the market to get started immediately with your own.

Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

Mr stacky smart farm is a good option for beginners who are not going to grow too many plants in the garden tower. As its name says, it is brilliant, which means it can handle up to 20 plants. It has a water tank that ensures automatic watering of plants, based on the timer you have set. Besides being a hydroponic system, you can use soil in it too. These vertical hydroponic towers come with a written growing guide by the manufacturer for those not yet used to hydroponics. Therefore, the materials are durable, yet the colors may not be everyone’s choice and darken once you add the soil.

Mr Stacky Smart Farm

Garden Tower 2

Take your home gardening to another level with this ultimate vertical garden tower. Moreover, it contains potting soil drastically. This is not a new concept, but many people who have used this one say it’s one of the most brilliant versions made. In addition, it can hold up to 50 different plants, and each level rotates easily to adjust to the sunlight. The compost tube in the center provides nutrients to the roots of plants. Furthermore, it can hold about 14 gallons of water. However, the tower can weigh up to 200 pounds when complete, so it isn’t easy to move at this point.

Garden Tower 2

Amazing Creation Planters Vertical Garden

This stackable planter can accommodate up to 15 different herbs, flowers, or other plants. In other words, these vertical garden planters are ideal for home use. The 5 different vertical planters perfectly fit each other, and the stacking system greatly helps save space. Even beginners can use this starter kit because it is effortless to use. It has a trickle-down system that enables you to save water, and even children can help you water your plants. The vertical tower is made of heavy-duty polypropylene plastic that is both weather-resistant and durable. Hence, these vertical planters are designed to deliver high crop yields regardless of the season.

Amazing Creation Planters Vertical Garden

Huge Greenstalk 5 Tier Garden Tower

The unique feature of this planter is that it has a system that waters all levels equally using gravity. It also has a water reservoir that guides you on how much water to use, which means that there is no need to over-watering your plants and infestation of pests. The tier comes with twelve drainage holes in it,  and it contains a cubic foot potting mix. Although it is compact, it can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 90 different plants. Besides being low maintenance, it is excellent because it has a fantastic design, and can be used easily by children and elderly alike and first-time farmers. With its light construction and durable materials, you will love this hydroponic tower.

Huge Greenstalk 5 Tier Garden Tower

Aerospring Hydroponics Indoor Garden Tower

This aeroponic gardening system is very versatile and unique. It takes a little more space because it is ten feet tall but can hold up to 27 plants. This hydroponics garden tower is designed for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Now, you don’t need to wait for favorable months and can grow plants all year round. It has an indoor accessory kit and artificial LED lights to keep plants healthy regardless of the weather. The hydroponics vertical towers also have an automatic watering system for your garden. It is one of the most comfortable garden towers I have seen that enables you to control these functions with a mobile app. Intelligent, versatile, what else could you ask for?

Aerospring Hydroponics Indoor Garden Tower

Take Away

Vertical hydroponic towers contain numerous advantages and transform your farming with fun and enthusiasm. Also, with a hydroponics garden tower, you can grow crops faster that can provide better results than conventional farming methods. Buying an ideal tower may not be easy if you have not determined your needs and set your expectations. It must have adequate capacity, must be easy to use, and offer value for money. For us, the winner was Garden Tower 2. It could change the way we are all gardening in the future.

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