Best Garden Plant Markers For Home Gardens

Gardening enthusiasts know the trouble of losing track where you planted a particular flower, herb, or vegetable, if you also want to create a diverse allotment or vegetable patch, labels and garden markers are ideal for distinguishing different species of plants from one another. It would be best if you had a way to label garden plants that are easy to use, last all season, and be reused season after season. It should be weather resistant and last year-round outdoors. In this article, you’ll find some inspiration for DIY plant labels and garden markers. Garden plant markers can be easily made by repurposing everyday items like pebbles, bamboo skewers, corks, shells, cans, and even terracotta pots.

These plants markers must be for your garden. Similarly, if family members rely on you for vegetable production, you’re learning to identify plants and save seeds. Therefore, you don’t want to dig up perennial root crops or bulbs every year accidentally!

The options available are endless, including those made from upcycled products such as teaspoons or sustainable ones like recycled plastic plant pots. You need two things for this purpose: label items to write the plant names on and the permanent markers to write. We’ve curated some ideal picks. Go through and find out.


Whaline Bamboo Herb Labels Garden Markers

Whaline labels are Made from natural bamboo, this is an environmentally friendly alternative and also comes with a markers pen to write plant names. In addition, the set comes as a pack of 60, and each one is 10cm in length. These are suitable for a wide range of uses, be it a mini greenhouse, fruit trees, nursery, flowers, or potted vegetables, etc.

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KINGLAKE Wooden Plant Labels Black Board

Though made of wood, these are designed to look like a classic chalkboard. You can write with chalk and wipe to reuse it. Its stakes are 5.4cm tall. Now you can easily make whimsical homemade signs for your perennials and herb plants in the garden with these markers.

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Large Metal Plants Label Garden Markers

These zinc garden plant markers are a great option. However, they are not as strong as stainless steel ones and will disintegrate easily over time. Each zinc marker provides a writable surface to create your custom nameplate. Moreover, these are weatherproof and may be used indoors and outdoors. Thus, these make an excellent gift for gardening enthusiasts.

Besides, there are loads of creative DIY ideas that one can try with garden markers at low cost and are easy to make. You may use a temporary solution, including wood and metal labels. Ask your kids to do this for you, and it will keep them occupied.

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FLYMAX Black Permanent Garden Markers

The FLYMAX black permanent marker with a 0.7mm tip is the best option if you want to make small-sized garden tags. It is ideal for detailing due to its extra-fine tip. Similarly, it is very versatile and works flawlessly on rock, plastic, wood, and even concrete surfaces. Further, it has quick-drying ink and does not fade due to exposure to sunlight or rain. Hence, it is completely safe and odorless, and qualified by EN71-3 standards for no heavy metals found in its formula.

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Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

Just like sharpie products perform outstandingly on paper, these garden markers also stay permanent on various other surfaces. Its fading-resistant formula can withstand harsh conditions, rain, UV light, and mud.

There isn’t anything to complain about with its top-rated quality, durable tip, and ergonomic body. Also, it comes in a lot of color ranges.

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A.M. Leonard Hort Nursery Pen

Mostly used in marking sale plants, this option is easy to see and long-lasting. Its tip slides smoothly on the surface and is available in black and bright colors.

The fast-drying and non-smearing formulas are perfect for use by kids. What sets this product apart from other permanent markers is its extra-fine point. Additionally, its tip is small and robust enough to produce tiny lines on a medicine bottle label. However, take care not to leave off the cap for too long.

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Staedtler Garden Markers Pen

The garden markers pen from Staedtler has ink that does not fade under frequent sunlight exposure. You can rely on this sun-proof and water-resistant ink formula to use year-round. The 1mm tip is ideal for medium-sized tags and labels and can be used on any surface, whether wooden, plastic, or metal. Moreover, the packing contains two pens with an ergonomic design and comfortable hold. With a reasonable price, what else can you ask for?


Therefore, whether you prefer to make hand-made tags or buy them from the market, it is essential to choose the best material for your labels. In addition, permanent garden markers with various colors and shiny finishes can make the diy tags look more beautiful. Make sure to carefully place the labels into the planting space once the job is done. We hope this article makes the task less tricky and time-consuming.

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