Best Bonsai Tree Starter Kit – Buying Guide

Bonsai Tree Starter Kits are a must for beginners to start Bonsai. Bonsai is a priceless creation that demonstrates the love of professional horticulturists and the passion of hobby gardeners for plants. 

Best Bonsai starter kit

Bonsai trees are very impressive and seem to be from a tiny fantasy world that has been buried away from humankind since the dawn of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, experts are manipulating the growth of typical trees so that they reproduce bigger trees in the miniature format.

Does buying a bonsai starter kit really matter? The starter kits for bonsains are surprisingly useful and the price is really good. It’ll be nice to have some bonsai starter kit to gift to someone loved by you or to start your journey.

The Bonsai starter kit will give you everything you will need for the creation of a bonsai tree.

Why Bonsai Tree STARTER Kit instead of Bonsai Tree Kit?

Making the Bonsai is an art that needs to be defined biologically on each cm of plant growth. The artists need their instruments and tools to deliver their thoughts. Likewise, a Bonsai artist also needs specific tools and wires for molding, bending, and beautifying ordinary plant twigs. However, the overall collection or toolkit of a Bonsai lover would be entirely different for an expert than a beginner.

Bonsai STARTER Kits vs. Bonsai Tree Kits

There is a difference between the BONSAI TREE KIT and the BONSAI STARTER KIT. If you’re a hobby gardener, you should start a Bonsai tree as an inspiration for next year. Likewise, if you’re looking for the best gift for a gardener or plant lover, there’s no better option than the best BONSAI STARTER KIT. But if you’re a Bonsai expert and you have more frequent and versatile exposure to your Zen Garden, you should go for BONSAI TREE KIT which has more advanced tools than a starter kit.

This article is written for beginners who have ambition for their own beautiful Bonsai and a fascinating Zen Garden. Here we’ll share the importance of the right Kit for you or your loved ones to start a beautiful Bonsai. Because it’s more like spending a limited budget with a lot of interest in buying the proper KIT. 

Best Bonsai Tree Kits for the Ultimate Zen Garden

Growing bonsai trees was once an intellectual horticulturist’s specialty. Even novices can now learn to manage these beautiful small trees using their starter kits. The trees represent miniature beauty bringing Zen into any indoor space as well as outside.

We compiled the best bonsai tree kit for 2022 to start your journey toward a bonsai master. There is a wide range of varieties of bonsai trees from all around the earth that is varied in their form, color, and textures. Bonsai differ in maintenance requirements.

FAQs about Bonsai Starter kits

Who Should Buy These?

A Bonsai starter kit is a tool to learn how to plant bonsai from scratch. This Kit provides a complete package to grow bonsai. It’s intended for beginners who are learning basic bonsai techniques such as feeding, repotting, watering, and pruning.

Bonsai kits can help learn the bonsai technique quickly without any fear. This kit includes easy-to-follow detailed instructions about growing and caring for different Bonsai. No need to be afraid of learning new things.

How to Find Best Bonsai starter kits?

It is very common among all hobby lovers that they always like their innovation or creativity in their interested field or hobby. Besides all its fascinating beauty, finding the right tools or kits for starting a Bonsai tree is a tough job for beginners.

You may not be able to find accurate seeds, plants, blade types and sizes, wire diameters, etc. due to a lack of knowledge. For this reason, we have made a comprehensive guide for you to choose the best available bonsai tree starter kit for all your zen garden needs.

After all, it is not only some investment of money, but it will also demand your time, attention, and most importantly your passion for creativity. In addition to that, we also cover your hustle to identify durable, economic, and professional starter kits as we have also reviewed the most loved bonsai tree kits by users. Let’s first discuss the important things you need to consider while buying a bonsai tree kit from any online or hardware store. 

What is the best bonsai to start with?

Ficus bonsai. Easily made bonsai indoors and outdoors. The Ficus bonsai is one of our recommended bonsai for beginners who’ve just learned bonsai without the need for watering. Because ficus is very resistant to submersible water it can be an ideal tree for people wanting to save some money.

Buyer’s Guide

Tell me the most suitable plant? Many Bonsai starter kits include seeds while others do not. You’ll have a kit for storing the seeds or seeds you want to grow. Please read the product description to see exactly where this kit is located. Almost all kit starters include seeds or fertilizer. Some kits contain specific instructions on what types of fertilizers are included in them but some don’t. In other words, if you have any doubts then you can choose organic fertilizer instead of the fertilizers found inside the kit. What do you wish for someone to get you one of?


Being beginner-friendly is convenient and makes more sense of being doable for a person who doesn’t have professional background or skills.

A best bonsai starter kit should have the tools which can be used for more than one type of Bonsai tree. The bonsai tree kit may include the seeds of easily grown beautiful dwarf trees like red maple, black pine, wisteria, etc. It should include different shapes of blades with firm handles, bonsai wires of varying diameters, and small pruning shear as well. If there’s a printed guide in the box, that’s a plus point. 

Bonsai Trees Look after Pamphlet

A beginner with bonsai trees may find it extremely difficult to understand the specific needs to keep the plants miniaturized.

A look-after manual or printed pamphlet may prove as a life-saver for people new to this hobby. Usually, it should contain the pictorial presentation of Sowing and starting a plant and also the schedule to water or irrigate the Bonsai plant. Plant markers can also be used for additional marking or mentioning of the next activity. This enables the user of starter kits to allocate this responsibility to someone else in case of absence or emergency.

Ensure You Get Detailed Instructions

What should we be getting for bonsai starter kits that contain limited and cryptic instructions? The more detailed your instructions the better your chance of gaining success on your bonsai. Is it possible to grow and maintain a tree without sacrificing quality and sturdiness? This should also provide solid advice about the appropriate method of research. You will now be given the option of reading guides either in physical form or interactive online guides.

Bonsai Tree Planter

Without a beautiful pot of clay, wood, cement, or stone the creation of Bonsai is not possible. Because the word Bonsai means “planted in a container”.

If you want to start a bonsai from seed choose a smaller but durable planter. You may find a set of planters in the best bonsai tree kits. The best bonsai starter kit should have eco-friendly as well as durable planters to fulfill the need for a bonsai starter.

Right Bonsai Trees Species

Most of the Bonsai starter Kits have seeds of different bonsai tree species but you need to look for the right species keeping in mind the ground conditions like space, climatic factors, etc. when buying a Bonsai starter kit. You can read this ARTICLE for selecting the right Bonsai tree from among the ten best types. Likewise, you can google your location for finding the US Hardiness zone of your area. This will help you select the right bonsai trees from a list available with different starter kits.

Mostly, the seeds provided in the best bonsai starter kits belong to pines, maple, spruce, and flame tree families. These bonsai tree species require full sun to partial shade and have comparatively better growth and a Bonsai-like look.

To seed or not to seed?

There are 2 clear choices when it comes to buying bonsai starter kits. You can purchase seeds for your business. This option means growing your bonsai entirely on the fly. If you have difficulty obtaining the seeds of the bonsai you should start with a small bonsai tree and then buy a starter set.

The bonsai starter kit also includes young trees too. I believe buying and caring for young Bonsai trees is best if you are just beginning to learn about them. If you’re able to maintain a bonsai, then it’s possible to begin building one from scratch.

Generally, the most important thing for buying any garden tool or accessory is to understand your particular need. But, additionally, you also consider the other functions which can be done using the same tool. In the case of a Bonsai creation, the criteria are different. How? Have a look at all the below points that you need to consider and the features that you need in your bonsai tree starter kit.

Tags and Holders

Having a tag for the weekly maintenance or just a small quote or joke around your Bonsai will add to its grace and adorability. There are bonsai starter kits having tags and a calendar for beginners so that they can keep a check on their plant needs.

 This will help you in determining the growth comparison of your Bonsai Trees grown at the same time.

Bonsai Media & Fertilizers

Taking care of Bonsai is difficult primarily due to its limited root penetration. Therefore, the proper soil preparation and nutrition of the bonsai plant are quite difficult for beginners.

The bonsai starter kit should ideally include soil peats, expandable soil discs, or other media amendments for beginners. Likewise, balanced nutrition availability should also be kept in mind while purchasing a bonsai starter kit. All bonsai trees need specific nutrition in balanced proportions. The best bonsai tree starter kit should ideally have enough fertilizer for the supplied seed material.

What not to do?

When starting growing your bonsai tree, there’s no point in choosing an advanced growth tool for beginners. Many kits for growing are available for more experienced growers whereas many trees and seeds included require more experience in nurturing. Check to make it easy to learn bonsai tree growing – it is aimed at beginners because it helps you to learn basic techniques.

There are numerous other factors that a Bonsai lover should think about. We’ll cover them in the following reviews of the best bonsai tree kits. If you’re looking for learning resources for taking care of bonsai trees, or which bonsai tree you should try first, you can read these ARTICLES. 

  1. 10 Best Bonsai Trees For Beginners
  2. How to Take Care of A Bonsai Tree? Explained.

Best Bonsai Starter Kits – Reviews

As you have a clear idea now for buying a bonsai starter kit. Let’s move forward to the analysis of the best available bonsai starter kits on Amazon. While buying from Amazon, the user often gets confused among a long list of the same product. Therefore, we have reviewed the best bonsai starter kits available on Amazon with an ambition to make you able to take the right decision.

Our unbiased research will help you to select the best choice bonsai starter kit. We have discussed the above-mentioned and other salient features of different starter kits for bonsai in comparison to others. Moreover, we have gathered fact-based pros & cons based on verified user responses. Hence, you can rely upon our research for the best fit for you from the following list of industry-leading manufacturers.  

Planters’ Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Using Planters Choice Bon Sai Starter Kit, the planters choose the complete kit for growing 4 Bonsai directly from seed. It looks amazing and is suitable for gifting. It is the perfect tool for growing Rocky Mountains pine, Norway shrub, or fir trees. You’ll also get compostable grow containers, expanded soil discs and bamboo markers, bonsai clippers, and a detailed bonsai grow instruction manual. The planters’ choice has been known for its high-quality seed storage as it can germinate easily and safely on the plant.

Planter’s Choice is a famous brand for providing excellent Bonsai care products and tools. Their Bonsai Starter Kit is an all-in-one 18 pieces package including the most required items for a beginner. This Kit allows a newbie to start four different Bonsai tree seeds including Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Norway Spruce, Black Poui, and Flame Tree in separate biodegradable Pots. Besides, it also includes compact soil disks enriched with nutrients with expanding nature for long-lasting nutrition.

The Kit package is also provided with four different bamboo plant markers for tagging different seed types. This would allow you to remember and imagine a better picture of your growing plantlets for their future look. The kits have some clippers for tying up the twigs in your desired direction. Planter’s Choice Bonsai Seed starter kit has an instruction guide for time-to-time operations. So if you are aiming for an excellent bonsai tree of your own, you just need to grab this wholesome Bonsai seed starter kit from the link below and follow the step-by-step guide. 

HOME GROWN Bonsai Starter Kit

The Bonsai starter Kits of HOMEGROWN are most liked among the beginners and their responses reveal that one should prioritize this listing among others. If you’re a fan of nature’s beauty and you want to captivate a blink of the most beautiful trees in your Zen Garden, HOMEGROWN covers your need.

Untitled design 2

This bonsai tree starter kit has tree seeds that will give the best young as well as mature look on growing to a certain height. The tree seeds include Flame Tree (Delonix Regia), Bristlecone Pine (Pinus Aristata), Spruce (Picea Abies), and the Jacaranda Tree. These seeds are non-GMO species and have a great potential to thrive in challenging climates. This all-in-one bonsai starter kit includes viable seeds, drip trays, wooden plant markers, durable bonsai pots with plates, soil discs, and a pack of balanced NPK + Trace Elements bonsai food/ nutrition.

Garden Republic Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

The best-choice bonsai starter kit should have should also have some uniqueness and the Garden Republic added that into their bonsai starter kit. They included 4 beautiful bonsai tree planters made up of gunny/ burlap grow bags. This not only adds the element of style to a zen garden but also makes sure of a climate-friendly product. This mini bonsai growing kit comes in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box which is more durable than most plastic boxes. You may also be used The kit includes a sharp mini pruning shear, four compacted soil discs or peats, seeds of four different bonsai tree species, four bamboo plant markers, and an instruction guide having excellent pictorial information.

Untitled design 3

Among top-rated bonsai kits available on Amazon, this one looks to have earned customers’ loyalty or satisfaction. Because a lot of customers reviewed to buy this repeatedly.

Grow Budha Easy Bonsai Starter Kit

Grow Budha has something in-built which gives a proper Zen Garden vibe. This bonsai starter kit is best to be gifted to loved ones because it includes all essentially required materials with excellent sees safe packs. Unlike other Bonsai starter kits, Grow Budha has really taken the pots to next level. They are durable and also biodegradable in nature. It gives a sense of climate safety as well when you do the first repotting of your beautiful bonsai. Generally, the Bonsai kits have only four pots of the same quality but Grow Budha has also added a Premium Bonsai Pot so that you will have a positive vibe for repotting your Bonsai showing fast growth.

Untitled design 4

That’s not the full story of Grow Budha Bonsai Starter Kit. YES! They have got some more for you. Grow Budha also provides an HD e-Book for Bonsai lovers in addition to a Paperback Bonsai care manual.

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit

This Runner Up Bonsai Trio Kit has been proving as a competition for top-rated brands. It looks like Plant Theatre has realized the problem being faced by the majority of Bonsai starters on beginners. Did you find something common among above discussed all bonsai starter kits? Yes, they all were providing seeds of four different bonsai trees but the consumers have complained about poor germination.

Untitled design 5

Plant Theatre has included more seeds of Three beautiful Bonsai Trees which have been mostly proven for success. The three beautiful bonsai tree seeds provided in this seed kit are Mountain pine, Silver Birch and Red Maple. Moreover, they have also increased the number of biodegradable pots to six so that each seed type can be sown in at least two pots where users can compare germination under two different conditions like dark & light. Likewise, they have provided each component in six numbers.

That’s not the end, they have also added six polythene nursery bags so that customers can also sow some separate seeds as a backup.




Growing bonsai trees is an artistic job that will be more fun and creative if you build a hobby of regular bonsai trees care. Mostly Bonsai starter kits include seeds, but you can also start from wildly grown trees or your own common plants. We have also made a guide for you to select the best bonsai trees on the beginner level. Likewise, we also summed the taking care of bonsai tree on our website that you can find in the below-related article link. We are coming up with our own e-Book on bonsai trees A-to-Z information very soon. If you want to receive a free giveaway, please send us your details through Contact Us Page.

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