Winter Gardening Hacks To Protect Your Plants and Keep Your Garden Alive

All the gardeners want to keep their garden alive and appealing throughout the year. However, winters are harsh and frosty to keep the plantations lush green. Most of the plants shed their leaves and get rid of the wastes during fall every year. But, various tender plants are affected badly by severe winter temperatures and need extra care and gardening hacks to be kept safe.

Here are top-rated 5 winter gardening hacks by professional gardeners to protect the plantations during winters:

Frost Protection Measures

Frost is very dangerous to the foliar as it freezes the plant tissue cells and causes tissue death. It can be protected by increasing heat irradiation from the soil surface. The best way to protect is by irrigating the beds or ridges a day before the expected frost. The irrigation increases the soil moisture and thus heat irradiation. However, if you cannot do the precautionary irrigation before frosting and frost happen overnight, you can still reduce the damage caused by spraying foliar parts with fresh water early in the morning to prevent further tissue damage and wash off the frozen water droplets.

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Covering Hedges & Tender Plants

Unlike, fruit-bearing plants or less abundant ornamentals, hedges and flower beds are larger in quantity and therefore need combined protective coverings. The best suitable cheap materials to cover such plantations are paddy straws, gunny bags, etc. However, polythene sheets of at least 200 mm diameter are used nowadays to covers hedges and flower beds. For hedges, it is essential to cover the surface which can be done by just spreading polythene sheets on the hedge top-surface and tightening from sides by ropes. However, for the flower bed, the sheet should not touch the plants and it should be kept above some height. For, this purpose stacking can be done using woods, sticks, or stainless steel wires must be used in the garden.

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Pruning the Unnecessary

Winters are the most appropriate time to prune the fruit trees as well as hedges. You can add creativity in pruning the bushes and hedges. Numerous shapes can be engraved while pruning the dense plantations. Fruit trees often produce more fruits on current year growths therefore it is recommended to prune stone fruits and vines during the fall season. It reduces the hectic protective measures as well as adds a variety of views to your garden for next year. The shape of the fruit trees should be maintained in such a way that maximum sunlight can penetrate during the following flowering and fruiting periods. Moreover, tree structure should be kept upright and gradually expanding.

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Winter Vegetables For Your Garden

There are numerous vegetables that thrive well in winters and can provide sufficiently for the kitchen needs during winters. Most of the gardeners ignore the importance of vegetables, which is not a good sign. The vegetable can be planted as ornamentals as well. Colorful salads, spinach, kale, turnips should be planted in beds and patterns to add life to the garden during the fall season. The followings are vegetables that can grow well during winters:

  • Red mizuna
  • Rocket
  • English and baby spinach
  • Kale
  • Leeks
  • Broad beans
  • Spring onions
  • Celery
  • Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Radish
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Protect Garden & Patio Furnitures

Garden furniture, fixtures, and permanent structures also need extra care during frost winters. The furniture should be covered with protective layers like polythene or cloth sheets to avoid fading off of wood colors. The iron stands or canopies should be painted before the onset of winters to protect them from rust. Single fit covers are also available in the market nowadays which easily fit benches, chairs, tables, etc. These covers should be made of polyacrylic materials that are waterproof.

Wooden Garden Chairs Snow Covered - Free photo on Pixabay

Hence, We hope you would like our efforts on winter gardening hacks. If you want us to add some more professional hacks please let us know in the comments below. If you like our content please share it with your loved ones.

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