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Axe is one of the most ancient tools human beings have ever used. In the old ages, man used axes for protection against wild animals, chopping wood, and even digging soils. With the passage of time man evolved in terms of using tools and equipment, yet, the importance of a good wood splitting axe cannot be replaced with any other hand tool. It is a versatile, multitasker, portable, and handy tool you can use for chopping wood, felling trees, and cutting logs.

“According to a medical study, among all the exercises which boost testosterone levels in a man’s body, chopping woods by using ax in the open air is on the top of the list.”

Best Axe for Splitting Wood

A good ax is one with a strong and slip-resistant grip, strong handle, balanced blade, and sharp edge. Nowadays, many manufacturers are designing and selling different variations of garden axes. Gardenversus.com brings a list of the top 5 best-selling garden axes for our audience. We’ll discuss the prominent features which make them the most wanted axes around the globe.

Fiskars Best Wood Splitting Axe

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It is a minimalistic yet modern and versatile designed ax from an all-time bestselling brand around the globe I.e., Fiskars. It has a long 36-inch handlebar made up of strong material with a rubber grip to enhance ease and functionality.

Fiskars X27 is ideal for tall users to chop and cut large-sized logs. They have designed a perfectly balanced blade with an optimum power-to-weight ratio. This ax is designed to give maximum swing power and more one-strike splits.

Hawk Camping Wood Axe

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CRKT is a Colombia-based brand that manufactures the best quality knives and tools.

Their signature ax has a 1055 forged carbon steel blade with a sharp edge and maximum retention for sharpness.

Tennessee wood hickory gives a classical and durable look to this hand tool. They also offer a limited lifetime guarantee which ensures user satisfaction.

WilFiks Best Wood Splitting Axe

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WilFiks chopping ax is a handy and portable garden and outdoor ax which comes with many modern features like a re-sharpen able blade and durable construction in a very ergonomic blade.

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It has a heat-treated forged carbon steel blade which gives it long-lasting sharpness and durability.

The handlebar is very uniquely designed to give maximum input while the blade design is traditional and minimalistic.

WilFiks also sell a dashing leather blade pouch for safe storage and transportation.

CRKT Freyr Chopping Axe

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CRKT Freyer chopping axe is a stylish deep beard like a bladed ax with a tenseness wooden hickory.

This garden ae has huge likeness on many marketplaces. One can count on this garden ax for more than just chopping woods as it has a huge base of blades with can also be used for hammering tents during an outdoor adventure.

LEXIVON Chopping Axe

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When it comes to gift ideas for workmen Lexivon provides the best axe solutions for wood splitting.

This very stylish and modern LEXIVON V28 chopping ax comes in the most advanced design, built quality, and with a durable protective sheath. It has an over-molded blade of forged carbon steel material with a premium fiberglass covered aluminum handle.

Aggressive cutting angles of the blade with well-balanced weight and design give it uniquely efficient workability.

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