Upgrade Your Garden Toolkit With the Best Gardening Tools

To arrange your indoor garden in the best possible ways, one needs to do a great deal of work, especially when blooming comes near; everybody needs the right gear, which is impossible without the right gardening tools.

There are certain specific gardening tools that every experienced or amateur horticulturist needs to grow flowers, fruits, or vegetables. The best gardening tools are the ones that focus on your gardening level and what you will be going to plant. For instance, growing a low-maintenance plant will require the most miniature gardening tools, including a hand toolset, a small rake, a shovel, and a scoop. However, you might need long-handling tools like digging spades and garden rakes if you are a beginner.

Either you are looking for gardening tools for seniors or beginners, we have got you covered. First, build your gardener’s toolkit with the best hand tools, wire cutters, and much more discussed here. Along with that, we have also shared a complete guide on different types of gardening tools.

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What To Look For While Buying Gardening Tools?

While buying gardening tools for professional use or home depot, one must look for the following things;

  1. Material
  2. Grip comfort
  3. Effectiveness


Gardening tools are either made of plastic or metal. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean, but it is not durable. It quickly breaks when put under stress. On the other hand, while metal is sturdy and durable, it is heavy and requires more proper care than plastic. Else it will rust. Hence, depending on the use, one must choose the material.

For short-term use, in a small area, plastic material will work fine. But if you are looking for long-term use in a large area, then choose a metal one.

Grip Comfort

One can not work with the gardening tools if they are uncomfortable holding them. Therefore, you may end up having blisters on your hand. Also, it will be a waste of money as you will not be using it for a longer time.

Hence, prefer cushioned handles to minimize blistering and maximize comfort while working.


While buying shovels and trowels, look for those that have sharp edges. Also, consider how the handle and head are attached. Make sure that the metal steeves around the handle are reinforced adequately with a rivet or screw.

Types of Gardening Tools

To begin with, below are the 12 different types of gardening tools essential for growing a beautiful garden.

  1. Gloves
  2. Pruning Shears
  3. Loppers
  4. Hand Trowel
  5. Garden Fork
  6. Spade
  7. Rake
  8. Hose
  9. Hoe
  10. Watering Can
  11. Watering Wand
  12. Wheelbarrow


You can not get yourself hurt while enjoying your hobby. Hence, to be cautious of thorny bushes and splintery, gardening gloves are a must. They are light, durable, and help a lot when you are working with seeds and transplanting.

Things to look at before Buying

  • One must be sure of their fitting as loose gloves can cause blisters. If they slip off, they may result in mishaps.
  • Longer cuffs gloves must be preferred to keep soil from getting in and protect your forearms and wrists from scratches.
  • Gloves fabric must be water-resistant as it will keep hands comfortable and relaxed. 

Amazon Best Gloves

COOLJOB Gardening Gloves

COOLJOB Gardening Gloves

Durable and lightweight gardening gloves for women that are comfortable and breathable with knitted tops.

HANDLANDY Long Gardening Gloves

HANDLANDY Long Gardening Gloves

Thorn-proof long garden gloves with extra padding on palm and fingertips ensure maximum protection.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves

   Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves

These breathable bamboo gloves fit perfectly and comfortably. Moreover, they also offer durable hand protection.

Pruning Shears

They are also called hand pruners or secateurs. Their primary purpose is to keep plants in control that are taking over or getting out of control. There are two types of pruners.

Anvil-Style Pruners

They are similar to knives on a board and cut plants with a sharp blade by a flat surface. They are best for deadwood. Avoid using these pruners for fresh, green branches and stems, as they can cause injuries to them.

Bypass Pruners

They are more like scissors and cut plants by passing over sharp-edged surfaces. They are used for cutting fresh, green stems and branches.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Buy pruners that fit your hand’s palm easily.
  • Ratcheting pruners must be preferred for those with reduced hand strength or arthritis as they provide maximum cutting strength.
  • Blades must be sharp to provide cleaner cuts. In addition, sharp edges give fewer injuries to plants.

Amazon Best Pruners

Fiskars 91095935J Steel Pruners

Fiskars 91095935J Steel Pruners

It features easy-open locks that protect blades and precision-ground steel blades, which ensures that blades stay sharp.

VIVOSUN 1-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner

VIVOSUN 1-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner

It is easy to operate hence reducing hand strain. Moreover, the ultra shape blades offer precise cutting.

gonicc 8Professional Bypass Pruner

Drop forged bodies with sharp blades and handle are premium high-quality steel that ensures durability and comfortability.

Bypass Loppers

Anvil-Style Loppers

Things to look at before Buying

  • For a more precise cut location, prefer bypass loppers.
  • Longer loppers are heavy; hence prefer lightweight aluminum or carbon-composite handles.
  • Must sharpen blades like pruners. Also, regularly point them and keep them in good condition.

Amazon Best Loppers

Fiskars 391461-1003 Bypass Lopper

This is ideal for cutting live plants with fully sharpened edge blades. Moreover, it is coated with rust-resistant and low friction material to prevent gumming with debris.

THANOS Extendable Anvil Loppers

This product offers a sharp and durable blade with an extendable aluminum handle.

Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper

Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper

The patented design increases its cutting capacity from the middle of the branches.

Hand Trowel

It is one of the essential gardening tools that have many uses in gardens. It helps in transplanting herbs, bedding plants, planting containers, and also in taking weeds out.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Go for a broad one if you intend to use it in moving soil, while for digging up weeds on rocky ground, go for the long and narrow blade.
  • Handles must be according to your size. It should fit in your hand.
  • Stainless steel trowels must be preferred as they are more durable and last longer.

Amazon Best Hand Trowel

Edward Tools Garden Trowel


A garden trowel that will neither bend nor break. In addition, it will ensure easy measurement and control grip.

Bend-Proof Garden Trowel

Bend-Proof Garden Trowel is a heavy-duty hand trowel that has an oversized trowel head which makes work quicker.

ZUZUAN Garden Tool Set, 3 Pack Garden Hand Shovels

This set offers high-quality handles with a comfortable and non-slip grip with a large trowel head.


Spades are short-handled square shovels. They are garden workhorses that help dig holes quickly for plants, move dirt from one area to another, and edge or lift sod. It is expensive but worth spending money on. Moreover, the tread on the blade’s top provides a comfortable and sturdier foot surface, making it a great tool to work with when an extra push is required.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Handles of ash hardwood are long-lasting and also absorb vibration and shock efficiently.
  • It comes in both short and long handles. Long handles are heavier but provide more leverage.
  • Prefer heads made of stainless steel as they are strong and will not rust.

Amazon Best Spade

Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade

This gardening spade has an extra-large handle design that ensures control via two hands hence offering maximum grip.

Radius Garden 206 PRO Garden Spade

This half-moon edging tool with stainless steel is a good-to-go choice for optimal digging, safety, and performance.


Spear & Jackson Digging Spade

The carbon steel head and long socket offer additional strength, and powder coating decreases its rusting ratio.

Garden Fork

They work better than spades in turning the soil as garden forks can dig denser soil.  It is an efficient tool that every gardener must-have. Based on their shapes, forks divides into the following types.

Sligh Curve

Garden Forks with a slight curve work much like a pitch and helps to scoop mulch and turn compost piles.

Straight Tines

For digging, straight tines garden forks are better. They are great for soil that is compacted, clay or rocky.

Square Tines

This garden fork works the same but better than straight tines as it will not bend when hit by a root or rock.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Prefer the square tines over straight tines will save your cost but multiply your work efficiency and durability.
  • Stainless steel heads are durable and last longer.

Amazon Best Garden Forks


Maintaining the garden properly and keeping it clean must be the top priority, but the continuous fall of leaves and debris does not let that happen. Hence, rake comes to your rescue. One can quickly whisk them away with this sturdy gardening tool. It comes in various sizes and styles, but the best to start with is a standard-size leak rake.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Prefer adjustable rakes as they are multi-functional. They gather huge piles of leaves from narrow areas too.
  • Go for steel tines over plastic tines as they are more robust.

Truper Ensilage Fork

Pro-grade North America white ash handle offers ultimate balance and control and an optimum resistance and flexibility ratio.

Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork

Fiskar’s durable garden fork features advanced ergonomics and a rigged build.

True Temper 2812500 4-Tine Spading Digging Fork

This fork offers multi-purpose uses and a fiberglass handle.

Garden Hose

There is no garden life without water. As water is the foundation of your garden, its even spreading to the complete area is of utmost importance. Hence that hose is used. They can reach and spray the entire region. With the help of an adjustable nozzle, you can also control the spray radius and amount of water pressure. The hose comes in three primary diameters, which are

  1. ½ Inch – 9 gal per minute is its average.
  2. ⅝ Inch – 15 gal per minute is its average.
  3. ¾ Inch – 25 gal per minute is its average.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Before buying, estimate the amount of length required for your hose, as the size affects water pressure. Increasing the length of the hose will decrease the resulting stress.
  • Prefer rubber construction hoses over vinyl hoses. Despite being lightweight and cheap, vinyl hoses are not durable.
  • If you buy store hoses, you must take extra care of them as they can result in weak spots if you store them in kinks.

Amazon Best Garden Hoses

Flexzilla HFZG510YW Garden Lead-In Hose

This garden hose is highly flexible, durable, and will kink under pressure. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to coil.

Gardguard Garden Hose Expandable

This 25 ft garden hose has 12 multi-functional nozzles and a polyester fabric cover with an expandable design.

Bionic Steel 25 Foot Garden Hose

Stainless steel and maximum durability with flexibility and light weight make it worth buying.

Gardening Hoe

Weeding hoe/ gardening hoe, also called stirrup or hula hoes, are in the shape of an open square head that pushes the surface under the soil back and forth to cut down top growth. The type of hoe depends upon the garden one is owning. The gardening hoe is used to cultivate the soil and cut down weeds. They are also helpful in preparing flower beds.

Things to look at before Buying

  • A wide sturdy hoe must be preferred for a veggie garden, while for a perennial garden, one must go for a delicate touch and thinner hoe.
  • Look for a handle that is comfortable enough and long to reach.
  • Sharp blades help in doing tasks efficiently.

Kwik Edge Tool – Garden Edger Weeder

This easy-to-use maintenance tool helps in maintaining flower beds. It keeps grass from creeping into flower beds.

Corona GT 3244 Extended Reach Hoe

It is best for those who want a more therapeutic gardening experience as its comfort gel grip delivers an excellent comfort level.

Truper 30003 Tru Built 48-Inch Welded Garden Hoe

This garden hoe is reliable but best for occasional users.

Watering Can

Watering is a mandatory part of gardening. Watering can make this task easier, as they are available in hundreds of styles, colors, sizes, and nozzles. There are two types of the can;

Plastic Can

They are lighter in weight but not durable. They will not last long.

Metal Cans

They are heavy and durable, but one needs to galvanize them to prevent rusting properly.

Things to look at before Buying

Before buying, consider your strength, which one you can easily handle. For example, 1 gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds.

The handle position must allow you to carry a whole can easily.

The top should quickly pour the water out.

Children or older gardeners must prefer two-handle designs.

If you are looking for outdoors, go for the larger one that has a sprinkler head. While for houseplants, a smaller one with a long neck will be good to go.

Psukhai Watering Can

Psukhai Watering Can

It is a high-quality material with a detachable nozzle that sprays evenly.

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can

It has a large water storage capacity. Besides, its contracted nordic style gives an aesthetic feeling.

Cesun Metal Watering Can

This galvanized vintage watering can is easy to carry with the entire volume.

Watering Wand

To give your plants a gentle shower, prefer a watering wand. They have an extended reach that helps in watering hanging plants, back edges of borders, and those in containers. Its built-in handle helps in conserving water and also allows you to adjust the water flow. There is a wide variety of lengths available in water wands from 10 to 48 inches.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Depending on your needs, one must buy the watering wand. For example, if looking for high-hanging baskets, go for a longer wand, while for tighter spaces, go for the shorter rods.

Melnor 65045-AMZ RelaxGrip Showerhead

This watering wand is easy to operate and use. In addition to that, it minimizes stress on the hands.

GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand

This wand is durable and stable with a slip-resistant handle. It also features adjustable spray patterns.

Orbit Pattern Watering Spray

It has a long wand that eases watering to hanging baskets and hard-to-reach areas.


A wheelbarrow is a crucial gardening tool that can help you haul heavyweight from one place to another. For example, you can quickly move extra soil, compost, or mulch from your backyard to the gardening area in a wheelbarrow. Then, take its proper care and store it in a clean, dry place to prevent rust.

Things to look at before Buying

  • Being a beginner does not go with traditional single wheel dual-handle wheelbarrow as it is harder to balance heavy or uneven load distribution.
  • Prefer a single-handle two-wheel model, as one can easily balance it with minimum strength on uneven terrain.
  • For easier wheeling, keep wheels inflated.

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

This new frame design has a patented quick-release dump feature which makes unloading easy and quick.

YSC Collapsible Folding Beach Outdoor Utility Wagon

This utility wheelbarrow does not require any assembly. Unfold it, and you are ready to go.

Best Choice Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow is a multi-purpose cart with dual handles and durable composition. It is best suited for professionals.


One can not have a beautiful garden without a perfect gardening toolkit. Hence, from gardening shoes, and gloves to hand tools, all have been discussed here. Adding these tools to your garden shed will surely help in arranging the best garden.

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